I am afraid of Komodo dragons

Last night I dreamnt of Komodo dragons. My own fault. After reading about the discovery of a new species in Indonesia, I went ahead to read as much as I can on the reptile. The information has no importance whatsoever but I just felt compelled to read about it. Anyway, in the dream I was trapped in a car (with food supplies) in a flooded, woodland grassy area and the Komodo dragon was circling the car trying to break into it and get to the food. By food I mean me. It managed to get its tongue and part of its snout through a crack in the front passenger’s seat window and I was trying desperately to hold on to the manual winder so that the dragon could not enter.

(c) BBC News UK

(c) BBC News UK

Are Komodo dragons dangerous? You know how some creatures look dangerous but they are, in reality, as harmless as a hamster? Well Komodo dragons are NOT one of them. It is absolutely dangerous. I remember reading Galapagos by Kurt Vonnegut back in 1991 and shuddered at the thought of being stranded in such island.

How did the dream end? I bolted through the back passenger’s door and ran helter skelter. So, if given a choice between dying of hunger and dying as a meal to a Komodo dragon, I’ll choose the former. Komodo dragons and its relatives could very well be the thing that I fear most in this world. I reserve the right to change this to the mother-in-law in the event that I somehow managed to get one .

What is it that you fear most?


“We would come cross a few great people in our time on earth. Yasmin was one of them. She wasn’t an easy person to live or work with, but that was only because she was so talented. She had a big heart and vision that we usually don’t understand. That was why people misunderstood her.”

-Veteran actress and journo Fatimah Abu Bakar

Prolific film director, Yasmin Ahmad, passed away last night from complications due to the stroke that she suffered two days ago. She never regained consciousness.

Mutual friends steadily sent me updates via sms and FB updates on her condition. The truth is, I didn’t know her personally, and because of my own personal politics and interests, have not watched a single movie that she directed. For some strange reason, despite having many mutual friends and attending the same social functions, the opportunity eluded me. My loss.

Amongst the many lovingly-penned tributes for her, this is the one that I feel humanised Yasmin and made her relatable to those, like me, who knew her only from the works she left behind.

Rest in peace under the grace of God, Yasmin. Amin.


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