About the New Job

A lot of people asked me about my new job and why I have not blogged about it. So ok, I am going to talk about the new job.

Three weeks ago I started working in Sepang, which, on a good day, is about 60mins away from Bandar Sunway if you are driving at at the speed of 110km/hr on the highway. Normally I will make my way to KL Sentral and take the shuttle bus, which is what almost 50% of the workforce does. During the 6omins ride I would sleep, and the shuffle count on my ipod has  reached 2083 out of 7342. That’s 2083 songs that I have listened to in 3 weeks, randomly selected from the library – an achievement worthy on an award.

I get a RM5 food stamp at the lounge which  I hardly use, because I have my lunch at the Food Garden where every day I would ask the food server to give me a piece of fried chicken and 2 vegetable side dishes. I will never know which vegetables she would choose because it’s her pick.  On Mondays I will buy Nasi Lemak from KL Sentral and a large latte from the coffee bar downstairs to help me get through the Monday management meetings that are almost guaranteed to last all through the late afternoon.

I have a bunch of people who works with me. For the first time, all of them are younger that I am. Here, I reinstated many of my old routines. The Thursday 4pm wip meetings, the 2-rules speech, the simplify simplify simplify mantra, the debriefing after every management meetings. I have a theory that the reason people are not motivated about their work is because they don’t understand how the tasks they do fit into the bigger puzzle. Once they understand it, then they naturally will be responsible for everyone’s business. Last night I was working late with one of the guys; two others voluntarily stayed back  – without invitation or coercion. They simply drifted to my desk, hovering at first and eventually pulling up chairs to participate actively in the discussion. Maybe they are yet to be jaded by work, but what I have seen so far is heartwarming.

We report to a man who can only be described as a combination of mad genius, bad speller (you should see his facebook status updates) and a ferociously outspoken and determined bulldog. We spend hours huddled in a corner typing furiously or scribbling away on pages and pages of notebooks. Though we are clearheaded enough to know what can be done now and what can be done tomorrow, I wish we have a stop-motion machine so that we are just that little faster than the rest of the world.

Last week at a public event, I bumped into many old friends and associates. Almost none of them remembered where I was attached to for the last 13 months. I laughed and told them it didn’t matter. I am flattered if they know me from two jobs ago, it meant we did a real good job out of it. The last 13 months was nothing but a long vacation and that was all there was to it.

Maybe 3 weeks are just too soon to tell but the short of it is that this new job is effing incredible. It’s like paying me to eat ice cream. There is no other way to describe it.



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