Time For A New Timepiece

I lost my favourite Adidas ADP-series wristwatch today. I took it off while I was washing my coffee mug, stepped away from the sink for less than 1 minute and by the time I came back the watch was gone. I was too busy with work I didn’t have time to fret about it. Now that I am home I feel bummed out especially since I have no idea where the rest of my watches are (somewhere in the apartment, I just don’t know exactly where). The good news is, now I have a reason to get an Adidas ADP 1522 or one of the chronograph series, ADH1397 to be exact.


Or should I just buy them both? And while we are keeping score, I have no idea where I put my glasses. I swear I left them at work but they weren’t there. The gingko biloba is NOT working.


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2 responses to “Time For A New Timepiece

  1. Let me know if you wanna get them with 30% discount!

  2. Really?!! Done! Give me your email addy, I will send you my details.

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