The GCC’s


Once upon a time I had midgets. This was an MNG shirt, in black and gold, from a group of people that I had so much fun working with. I chose to put the pink version in here, because they gave me all the drafts for my keeping when I left. To make this shirt, they agonized over several versions before settling on the official corporate colour. The shirt came with a Kinokuniya book voucher, which I put to good use by buying 2 Haruki Murakami novels. And, a handwritten photo abum with personal notes from everyone, which I have scanned and digitized so that I can keep them for all posterity.

This post is to honour them. The last 15 months have been a long holiday. When it got a bit too annoying, I think of this group of people and what I went through with them and remember that it is possible to work with people that you like, in an environment where everyone looks after each other and just focus on getting things done. These people, every single one of them, are proof of that.

I hope someday I will have the honour of working with them again.



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  1. PC Ng

    No doubt, we had great times eventhough there were many challenges at hand. My best working people so far and I don’t think I’ll find another bunch quite like us and the way we were.

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