Her Diamonds

“Cradle Songs”, the second solo album by Rob Thomas [of Matchbox Twenty] drops today, its first single called “Her Diamonds” stars Alicia Silverstone. Featured below is the ‘live’ performance of the single on Ellen Degeneres last week. The song is written for, and about his wife Marisol, who has been battling auto-immune disease for many years. Don’t feel too sorry for him, she is freaking hot.

Her Diamonds [live]

Matchbox Twenty, ergo Rob Thomas, is one of the very few western alt rock acts that I still listen to, albeit begrudgingly. I think Thomas is a prolific songwriter, and I am pleasantly surprised to find out that he named “You Won’t Be Mine” as the favourite thing that he has written. This is the song, that I have repeatedly mentioned in this blog, as best listened to during a rainy night  in a smokey bar in Dublin while murdering a pint of Guinness and a persistent headache.

You Won’t Be Mine [live]

This song reminds me a lot of the vista days. It was during this period that I made the transition into jpop, and “Mad Season” was one of the last English albums that I ever bought. People has characterized Thomas as the nicest rockstar in the business but really, he is just as crazy and fucked up as the next rockstar – acid, cocaine, weed, drunken bar brawls, you name it. But he cleaned up good, and he keeps his shenanigans out of the papers, which is what’s important I think. Rob Thomas the man, is kept separate from Rob Thomas the rockstar.

Something of a skill that we all could learn and put to use some time. 

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