The Great Ijah Jumbo Sale Is In Business

See it here!


Update: All the books, except for 3 hard covers, that I have put up for sale are sold. And I haven’t even started with the ebay listing. Drop by the the blog above if you want to see what else that I have decided to part with. This is not a money-making venture for me, I am just glad I am able to pass these on to those who could appreciate them more than I do.

I will be putting up the paintings and shoes soon.

EVEN MORE UPDATE: Today I put up about 40 books for sale, 3 pair of shoes and 13 CDs. The books are going very fast, much to my pleasant surprise coz I thought books would be difficult to shift. How lucky for me so many people made bids on these items so they are going into good homes. Thanks guys!

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