The Great Ijah Jumbo Sale

No, Ijah is NOT for sale. Don’t you wish.

I was going through my wardrobe a couple of nights ago to decide what to wear when one of the railings broke.  Rows and rows of black dresses came tumbling down onto the carpeted floor creating a small mountain of stylish black garments. And the darnest thing is, this is not the first time it happened. My closet is overloaded and overcrowded. I know that. Admission is the first step towards recovery. So, I admit. I have too much stuff. I need to do something about them. At the rate I am going I will end up like one of those compulsive hoarders you see on Oprah.

This is NOT my living room, but mine's close to being one!
This is NOT my living room, but mine’s close to being one!


It got me to think. Awa had been nagging me to get rid of my things. In fact she put me on a purchase ban, I once promised her that I will not buy any new dress unless I get rid of the old ones, a promise that I have broken many times of course. The broken railing made me boiling mad – it would take ages to sort the dresses again, and as my mind wanders, I tend to think about other things too like the boxes and boxes of CDs and DVDs and books that I do not read or watch anymore, shoes that I have worn maybe once or twice but never want to wear again, accessories 6-toolbox worth and those bags that just take up space collecting dust on my bag-tree (yes I have a bag-tree), kitchen utensils and cookware et cetera… and you know what, the more I think about it, the more and more I feel annoyed and anxious about getting rid of these things and start anew.

Another good reason, I have been losing some weight over the years and some clothes, like my monkey suit jackets, don’t fit anymore. Tailoring them would cost just as much as buying new ones and these are the kind of stuff that you can’t donate so selling them would be the logical solution. 

This is a hard thing to do but I think I am going to spend the weekend sorting out  my stuff – those that I can donate (shoutout to K for helping me pass these to her projects);  and those that I can sell off to make some pretty penny and fund Ijah’s expensive haircuts.

Watch this page when the listing goes up. I am putting up paintings, books, shoes, accessories, bags, CDs and clothes for sale. All in mint condition, with minimal wear and tear (if at all), and clothes would have been dry-cleaned and pressed.

I probably need to be tranquilized to deal with the trauma and grief over having to part with these things. But I’ll pay for the shrink sessions with the money I make from the jumbo sale. Everybody wins.


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