The Perfect Man


I have found the perfect man. I mean, for me. I have found the one person that, when I consider the possibility of having to pick up the phone and the person on the other line asks, “Where are you?”, doesn’t fill me with an immediate sense of annoyance or make me want to slam the phone down.

Wait. Don’t get the wrong idea with this admission. It’s not as if suddenly I’ve gone all mushy and filled with the longing to settle down, have 2 kids and a  maid, a joint account and a double-storey house in the suburbs preferably somewhere that has a Giant or Tesco nearby.

I am just saying that, it was not impossible after all to find the perfect man, despite being told otherwise by many many many many people.

And yes, this find happened unaided. I wasn’t looking. The opportunity simply presented itself.

Am I going to do anything about this perfect man? Nope. Why? Because I don’t have any intention, at least at this point of time, to change the status quo – whether my own, his or anyone else’s.

I like knowing that there is a him, that mystical creature that everyone says doesn’t exist. It’s a form of validation. I like that. And that’s enough. For now.



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7 responses to “The Perfect Man

  1. PC Ng

    You have gone mushy. And it started before you denied it :)

  2. *lol* he is NOT who you think he is.

  3. Anonymous

    A repost?

  4. Anonymous

    It’s me, the wicked witch of the south :)

    • Yes I know it is you! Not a repost, this is among the most shared and viewed post in this blog, so I decided to make it sticky and put it on the front page until my mood changes and I put something else here. What’s happening to your blog? Lama tak update?

  5. Anonymous

    Lost the inspiration. Perhaps I don’t have what it takes. I reckon I have to move to blogspot to continue but have not worked out how to.

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