Tamil Thriller Video

I am having a bad week. But, strangely I am not stressed out over it.  Not anymore anyway. Yesterday was kind of a shock but today and whatever my tomorrows may bring is no longer a cause for alarm. It’s more like just waiting it out, the damage has been done so all you can do now is sit back and wait for the dust  to settle. Your luck and fate is what you make of it, so if I have to start all over again, I start all over again.

Times like these, I am glad I have friends who bring to my attention silly things such as the Tamil Thriller video below, to make the waiting easier.



Filed under Laugh

3 responses to “Tamil Thriller Video

  1. Oji aka Ojilas

    BAHHH!! you can only think of your troubles?! imagine the Girly Man having to endures in that silly, non-ventilating, crotch-pinching, sweat inducing red PVC suit!!

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