Crappy Maxis Customer Service

It has been a trying day.

I lost my phone, yes yes no need to exclaim “again?”. I already know that.

maxis-logojpegCrappy customer service from Maxis. I called using Ita’s hotlink # and was told by the machine that I cannot call 123 which is the Maxis postpaid no and was told to call a 1-300 no instead. I called that no then was told by the customer service guy that I cannot request for my line to be barred coz I am using a prepaid phone and my phone is a postpaid. What a bucketload of crap.  I told him I cannot call 123 from the phone coz it won’t process, he said he will transfer my line and of course the call was dropped. I was already in a foul mood the whole day, then I lost my phone, so this blatant stupidity broke my camel’s back.

I used another phone to call maxis, this time using a postpaid line and this was the conversation that took place.

  • IA: Hello, good evening. I want to request to bar my line as I lost my phone.
  • Maxis: Certainly ma’am, can I have your number (bla bla bla), ok we have barred your number, please collect your new SIM card from the nearest Maxis Centre.
  • IA: Thank you. I also would like to lodge a complaint about your customer service. Do I report it here or do I need to write in? I would like to have a case complaint number because I want to follow up.
  • Maxis: (stammers) what sort of complaint, ma’am?
  • IA: About poor customer service. But I want to have a case number. Do I tell you about it, or do I just write in?
  • Maxis: You can lodge the complaint with me.
  • IA: And I will get a case number? I want to be clear because I don’t want to waste yours or my time. If you cannot give me a case number then I would prefer to write directly to your head of customer service.
  • Maxis: Yes you can lodge it with me and I will give you the case number.
  • IA: Ok, I am very distressed because I lost my phone. To bar my line, I used a prepaid number that I borrowed. First, I was not able to dial Maxis hotline 123 and got a recorded message to dial a 1300 number. When I dialled the 1300 number, the customer service person told me he cannot process my request because my number is a postpaid line and the phone that I use to make the call from is a prepaid line. I explained to him that I am unable to call 123 coz the call is automatically rejected so can he please assist. He refused and told me to still call 123. I raised my voice and told him that I had tried that a few times and was unable to do so and can he please just transfer me to the right person if he cannot help me. He promptly disconnected the line. Now my question is, if I had been stranded in Bangkok and had to use a public phone or a Bangkok mobile phone number to report my problem, are you saying that it cannot be entertained because I was not using a Maxis postpaid no to make that call?
  • Maxis: No ma’am, you can call us from any phones at all.
  • IA: I know that. That is why I am complaining, so that all your customer service people is properly briefed. Can I have my case number please because I have the exact time and date of the phone call and I want the customer service person who attended to me to be given a proper briefing and spare other people from the experiece.
  • Maxis: Give me your phone number ma’am and I will call you back.
  • IA: (getting agitated) Didn’t I just gave you my postpaid number just now to be barred? How are you going to call me if I don’t have a SIM card?
  • Maxis: I need to type in your complain in order to get a case number.
  • IA: Ok, type it in, I will wait.  Then read it out to me so that we are sure that you got it right.
  • Maxis: No, I will call you back after I get the number.
  • IA: Isn’t that the reason why I asked you at the first place about this? If you cannot give me the case number, you should have told me from the very beginning. How do I know that you will even call me back?
  • Maxis: (stammers even further)  But if I type the complain for you right now, it will take time.
  • IA: I already told you I will wait. Go ahead type it.
  • Maxis:  I cannot do that. I have to call you back
  • IA: Then why are you wasting my time? Wasn’t I being clear about this from the beginning? What is your name, please?
  • Maxis: Shila
  • IA: Can I have your full name please?
  • Maxis: No, that is my own personal thing.
  • IA: (annoyed) You mean you are a customer service person but you refuse to let me know who you are? How do I know if Shila is even your real name? Can I speak to your manager or supervisor please.
  • Maxis: I don’t have a manager
  • IA: Don’t lie to me. I know how customer service centre works and I know that there is a monitor to count how long a call takes and if a call is dropped. There are several managers who will handle difficult cases. Pass me to a manager now.
  • Maxis: Ok, I will check with the manager (put me on hold for 6 full minutes). Sorry ma’am the manager is busy with another customer
  • IA: That is ok, I will wait. Or, you can give me his or her name so that I can call back and request for him.
  • Maxis: I cannot give you my manager’s name.
  • IA: (laughs) Then give me your full name as I have every intent to add this into the complaint.
  • Maxis: It is up to you, you can write to
  • IA: Oh no no, I will write to NCC directly. What is your name?
  • Maxis: (hesitated)
  • IA: It’s either your name or your supervisor’s name. This phone call is recorded. I can easily trace who you are, you know.
  • Maxis: Ok ok, my name is Norshila Nordin (I asked her to spell her name out and give me the address where she is stationed).
  • IA: Thank you, and have a pleasant evening because I certainly had a pleasant experience dealing with Maxis.
  • Maxis: -no dial tone- she obviously hang up on me.

Several things irritated me about Norshila Nordin:

  1. She gave me the wrong impression about the case number. And when I offered to stay on the line while she lodge the complain, she insisted I should hang up and and she will call me back. Wtf? Sub-questions: (i) How is she going to call me when my number is barred; (ii) How do I know she will even call me back?
  2. She didn’t want to let me speak to her manager and LIED about not having one. What does she take me for? An idiot?
  3. When I told her I know she is lying, she refused to give me her name; then put me on hold and still refused to connect me to her manager though I offered to wait on the line.

I am sure she gave me a fake name. But it is not stopping me from submitting a complaint anyway. Stupid stupid maxis. I hope those who work with Maxis recoil with embarassment when they read this. They should be. Their service suck and their people suck.



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25 responses to “Crappy Maxis Customer Service

  1. Anonymous

    Long Live CELCOM hahahahaha

    aku pn baru tengking cust care semalam..
    but Hong Leong..

  2. wah skang dah pandai menengking eh :-)

  3. Jazz

    Yes, I aggree with you. I’m also facing the same problem but in different scenerio. I just bought Iphone from MAXIS and after tested found that the phone had a problem. When I went to Maxis Center in Sunway Piramid, the manager there promise me to get replacement within 48hrs. After 48hrs they make excuse that Vendor having short of stock then I demand to see the Manager again unfortunately the manager is on leave so they refer me to the assistant manager and again he promise me within 48hrs this issue will settle. After 48hrs later again they can’t replace me my Iphone and create a crap story that they had a custom issue and only can provide me the phone within this two week.
    Question: What kind of service Maxis provide?
    The management there should be replace and the company should be given a license if they could provide the service that they promise to the customer.
    Maxis suck and hope the company will close.
    Wish all customer to go for Maxis.

  4. Hi Jazz, actually this is not the first time I had a crappy experience with customer service.

    For eg. I had one with Nokia before when I was using my (thankfully dead and gone) E90 – a really REALLY frustrating chase all around town to get the replacement parts for its faulty mic:

    While I understand that shit happens, like customs clearance or Maxis stockist screwing up, Maxis should have called you or email you to inform about it to (a) apologise and (b) save you the trouble of going to pyramid AND offer you a temporary replacement phone during the period so that you can still manage your phone needs.

    I remember this Corp Comm sr. manager of Swiss Garden Resort in Lumut (whom I shall not name), upon receiving a complaint from the Business Editor of TV3, told me to drop the complaint and that she was not going to do anything about it coz she “doesn’t want the customer to be reminded of the unpleasant experience that he had at the resort.”

    I told her that she should have viewed it instead as an opportunity to correct a wrong and impress the complainant. Sadly, she didn’t do anything (the jerk). I remember laughing at the ridiculousness of a situation. That’s how you handle complaints? Not even with an apology? You sweep it under the carpet? And you call yourself in the service industry? If I were her boss I would have demanded her to turn in her badge. Brings shame to the organisation that she represents.

    Complainants want to know that you are not trivializing the inconvenience and distress they suffered and by ignoring the complaints, you are just making it worse.

    The customer service level is Malaysia is truly truly appalling.

  5. Hahaha… I had the same issue with them. Macam nak hantuk kepala perempuan tu kat dinding. Kalau google “Maxis complain(t)s” the hits almost 10K already… that’s how fofuler their CS is. I missed dealing with Digi CS. They’re much better IMHO, dalam 10 CS, 8 okay. I regretted giving up my 016 line when I moved to work in KLCC years ago. As y’all know, itu Maxis Territory… other lines all crappy.

    Anyway I support you to go ahead and report it. Kalau boleh send sarcastic complain to theSun. Or if anyone working in Readers Digest, suruh dorang buat satisfaction survey and publish it – I hope it will be damning – as damning as my experiences with their CS.

    Terfikir pulak, Maxis Customer service terletak kat KL or kat Zimbabwe?

    • Kan? So many people have told me their horror stories about Maxis I am this close to terminating the service altigether.

      Anyway, there is an update to this story. I had lunch with a friend and she told me that Maxis actually outsource their CS. Her friend, let’s call her Miss Abu, used to be the head of CS or something for Maxis, she then left to open up her own service and Maxis hired her company to do the job. I told my friend that I know a lot of company outsource their CS, which is actually a smart thing to do coz keeping your own CS staff 24hrs is a huge drain on your resources.

      BUT, Maxis should keep a tight rein and supervise. Frontliners are ambassadors of the company. Like it or not, Maxis is responsible for this. If Miss Abu’s company is not doing the job properly, the blame is still on Maxis for not managing its supplier effectively. Whether the service is outsourced or otherwise is immaterial, the fact is the CS is still an extension of Maxis. I was not looking for revenge and want the CS staff to be terminated or anything. The whole point was the service was crappy, and I wanted them TO KNOW that it is.

      So, my friend said she will bring this incident to Miss Abu’s attention so that they can identify the worker and take necessary remedial action.

  6. Are you sure of that? I thought Maxis Customer Service is outsourced to Getronics (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd? Getronics and Maxis shares the same address – Plaza Sentral (which is Maxis CS hub – not at the Menara Maxis)

    Here’s the reference link:

    • Yes I am sure. I don’t know who is my friend’s friend or the name of her company; but it is possible that she is the owner of Gentronics if Gentronics is the outsourced company. My friend is the CEO of a global media company, I think she could not be mistaken.

  7. I also think that if you look at Getronics list of clientele, big names but mostly sucky/crappy/bangang nak mampus punya customer service :D – contoh paling best TM Net hahahahaahahahahah…


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  9. Shannon

    I came across your blog and find it interesting as I had similar experience with maxis customer service / call center. Just want to check if you managed to get a satisfactory response from Maxis on your matter or is it left unsolved? I would like to take the matter to the next level, or speak to someone from head quarter instead of wasting my time with the same people that called themselve ‘customer service’. Please share if you manage to speak to someone that could help. Thanks.

  10. Hi Shannon,
    Maxis itself did not respond to me, but my friend actually spoke to the owner of the outsourced service and forwarded her this post. Subsequently, I got a boilerplate answer “Our apologies, we will look into it and appropriate remedial action will be taken against the staff involved, et cetera”. Of course that means I will not hear from her or Maxis ever again.

    I have decided not to pursue this further after I lodged the complaint via NCC. Unfortunately my case is now nothing but a statistic. The trouble with complaints that don’t involve money is that we’re seen as non-critical and not important :-(

  11. melt

    hi..i am also one of the victim of MAXIS..ciss..act they have 2 call centres, at Sunway & Menara MAXIS KLCC. KLCC support for corporate cust and sunway for consumer..when u call them just asking their big boss to call u..we see whether the boss will call customer back or not..their big boss arundas friend tried to speak with him but until now no call back done..customer svc maxis sucks all back not done till i went to centre..dammmmmnnnn

  12. AFT

    Ayah aku hari2 dok busy niaga. dia pulak guna maxis dah hampir seploh tahon. then ntah nape line masalah gila babeng. sampai dia x boleh call orang. kadang2 orang x boleh call dia. aku kesian tgk ayah aku then suruh dia tukar je nombor tapi dia x nak sebb nombor tu saudara mara aku kat luar negara dah simpan.

    Ada cara x? dgr yg boleh switch ke celcom guna maxis line ada ke?

    Aku harap Celcom teruskan usaha mereka menjadi Operator nombor 1 kat malaysia. Hidup CELCOM!

  13. of course you can switch to another service provider like Celcom but retain your maxis number. Portability is no longer a problem. Just get in touch with Celcom and they can do it for you immediately.

  14. Alvin Goh

    I also went thru all the hell in dealing with Maxis after being with them all these years. It sickens me to see that nothing much has been done to improve the coverage, and services that are offered by them. Everytime when one makes a complaint, be it by phone, email or fax (which I have tried them all), you will get a call back from a pleasant sounding voice to assure you that things are being taken care off…bla bla bla the usual crap that you would hear.

    Lately I have been experiancing problems with my PostAid feature on my phone, and I know for a fact that every month every postpaid user is entitled to a maximum of RM200 for this service. Knowing that I have a credit limit of RM1.5K with excellent payment records, I was told by the sarcastic customer service rep that I need to make payment to reduce my outstanding balance first before I am allowed to use the service. Mind you, they are customer service people and instead of providing solutions to customers, here they are trying to be sarcastic in such a manner. I guess this is how they treat their good customers, and im one of their so called one-club member by the way.

    Enough is enough I guess. I was looking around the web to look out for their customer services head, Andrew Chong’s email adderess and hopefully if there is anyone here is who is willing to share the adderess I would be very grateful, as this would enable the rest to direct their horror stories of dealing with their customer services to him directly. Stop wasting your precious dealing with their customer services rep, because at the end of the day they are not policy makers who could change things. They will most probably direct your complaints to a team leader at most, and there it ends.

    I am also contemplating in writing an article to The Star to complaint on the state of customers services in Malaysia and hopefully will set a group on Facebobok on Disgruntled Customers of Maxis, or something to its effect.

    I hope to have the support of you guys and please spread the word around in the hope that the very top people will take note of the storm that is brewing below their noses.

    Thanks! (FB/Friendster)

  15. Scentflower

    Hey Alvin and Ijahamran

    You’re both right. Maxis CS is appalling and i’ve encounter extremely bad experience with them too. Not only are they irresponsible, rude, and absolutely useless…they’ve managed to take it to the next level. Now they’re just a nuisance!

    In my case, i went thru all the abovementioned hell (i think the ‘hell’ process is rather standard now, part of Maxis CS numbskull procedures), after a week of not hearing from them, ive decided to go into the call centre IN PERSON, hoping to get better service and boy was i wrong. I ended up speaking to two idiots who said no to everything before i can even tell them about my problem. And when they ran out of ‘no’s they tried to put the blame on my phone.

    I then told them that i’ve called in before to make this complaint and it was possible and i need to follow up on the case, and immediately they said because i’ve already logged in this case via phone, there’s nothin they can do to help. Apparently they can’t have two reports on the same case etc and asked me to call in and speak to the guy who handled my case. Seriously, for a highly techonologically advanced company like Maxis, i’m surprised their system is so poor that they can’t ‘update’ reports and cases opened or pending based on the number.. which made me realized that they blatantly lied to me just to ‘taichi’ the work to someone else and not deal with me.

    And when i tried to call the guy, guess wat happened next? Somehow, these idiots managed to bar me from calling their hotline! I’ve called many times and each time my line was suddenly cut off and after 3 times, i get a voice automated message saying that my fon has been barred of outgoing calls!!!

    And to top it off, i called them again at night (it wasn’t barred then) and spoke to a different agent on my case and no. and accordin to this new person, no report has been logged!

    Imagine, they directed me to call but when i called they barred my no and then they deleted my case so there’s no trace of me ever calling so that i have to go thru the entire process again and deal with the idiots again, not getting anywhyere.

    I am truly appalled. And i too would like to lodge a formal complaint to the authorities (since there’s no way of complaining to maxis and enlightening them on this issue,who knows, maybe they’re part of this conspiracy to cheat and lie to their customers!) As long as they’re getting profits, why should they care about those ppl like us.

    Alvin, let’s start the Facebook group and provide a forum for disgruntled consumers.

  16. scentflower

    I’ve already started a Maxis ‘Consumer Issues’ Club on FB. Wnated to use the word ‘Hate’ but i don’t wanna risk being barred from FB. Keke.

    Anyways, as i was creating the group and announcing my dissatisfaction with maxis to the entire digital space…i was contacted by Maxis. (Largely because i tweeted the word ‘maxis’ alot as well as went into their FB page and complained alot there too!)

    So if anyone of you still need help or complain about certain CS rep, do so at Maxis FB page. I was truly surprised at the prompt response.

    Best of luck guys!

  17. lala

    erm,camne nak tau number2 yg kite dah pernah contact dulu case, hp hilang…
    maxis ade simpan tak record sape2 yg kite pernah kol?

  18. Anonymous

    Maxis customers service sucksssssssss

  19. Muse

    Maxis line so noob.. Lembab

  20. Lion Iskandar Abdullah

    Maxis is misleading its customers!

    Both my wife and I have been Maxis customers for approximately 15 years. Sometime after Hari Raya last year, my wife visited the customer centre of Maxis in KLCC. At the occasion, she was offered a SamsungJ3/6 phone for each of us and was told that this was Maxis’ Hari Raya gift. Naturally she accepted the gift and signed for it when she was asked to do so.

    Recently we found out that what she had signed was not a confirmation of receiving the phones but a 2-year contract for our original telephone numbers.

    Had she known that this was what she was signing, she would not have accepted the offer. When you are told that you are getting a gift, you expect it to be free of charge.

    In short, Maxis had misled us by telling us we were receiving a Hari Raya gift, while in actual fact we were coaxed into signing a new 2-year contract on our original phone numbers.

    I have contacted Maxis to complain about this and reach some sort of settlement. I have been talking to a Mr. Naga (tel. 012-6768945) for weeks, which has really tested my patience. However, both he and his superior are unwilling to nullify the 2-year contract, unless I pay the sum of RM 1,200 for the two phones. Needless to say that I am not willing to pay for the phones that we were told were a gift. I have offered to return the phones to Maxis but it has also not accepted this.

    Maxis is clearly unwilling to admit its mistake and only wants my money. So much for being a loyal customer for 15 years. So much for customer service.

    I sincerely believe that more people were misled in this manner by Maxis.

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