Do you know what is the definition of notorious?

It’s when you monopolize the conversation when you are not even there.

Oh what a crazy two-week it had been. 

But let’s not talk about that. 

Recently some people apparently were shocked to find out (and could not resist gossiping afterwards) that I used to wear tudung (headscarf) when I was in highschool and college. And, they added in disgust, despite the fact that I was wearing tudung, my clothes back then had always been tight and obscene.

First of all, yes I wore tudung in highschool and in college. Get over it. It’s old news. To be clear, I wore it in highschool and in college. Literally. The moment I was a step out of school or college, I was back dressing the way I normally do. Yes, off with the tudung, on with the jeans cut-offs.  In fact, the moment I was back in the dormitory I was back in tank tops and shorts. That’s who I am. I’m the girl who throws a white shirt over white shorts and then walk to the grocery store to buy eggs without bothering to change. Yes I was an opportunist. I used and abused the tudung. When I started working, I figured there was no need for me to continue with the duality anymore, so I stopped.

Now, you can criticize me all you want for using the tudung carelessly and not respecting what the tudung represents. Yes I was not wearing the tudung for pious reasons. It was because wearing one would make me less of a target for malicious gossiping and fishmongering, which I am sad to report, transcends highschool and college life. I did whatever I had to do to breeze through school in the least difficult way possible. Does that make me a poseur? When I was wearing the tudung I was. Let’s be honest here, would you respect me more if I wore one? Or would you gossip about me even more?

Yah, I figured as much.

Second of all, pick a side. You can’t hate me for not wearing tudung, and then hate me even more when I wear a tudung with my obscene clothes. Obviously the fact that I was not conventionally dressed the way one is expected to when one is wearing tudung was a clue that I wore the tudung under duress.

Third of all, why are you lot so fascinated with me? I don’t even talk about the people I hate or don’t care about. Ask around, many would be happy to vouch. I have been talking talking talking talking these past two weeks and trust me not once did I bother to say anything about the people that I left behind in that shitty workplace I was at. The Company wasn’t shitty, but the workplace? Oh absolutely. I don’t see the point talking about the people or the place that I have no affection for. Why do you? Turn the page, losers.  There’s more to life than wondering about how I looked like in a tudung.

Wearing a tudung doesn’t make me a better or worse person. It is just an article of clothing, and a personal one at that. Stop obsessing about me.



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4 responses to “Do you know what is the definition of notorious?

  1. Anonymous

    These people talk about others to fill the void that’s apparent in their boring lives. I am sure you remember someone who is a good example from your first ex-shitty work place. If your life was meaningful and purposeful, you wouldn’t be bothered to gossip about others. The thought wouldn’t even occur to you for you’ve got better things to do. We ought to put these kinda people in a box, lock and throw away the key. Slash ignore.

  2. Dis story reminds me of a certain Ms Tudung in our co. She told the non-tudung front desk to wear tudung like her supaya rambut tak basah kalau hujan. Aaaaaaaaaand……. a week after that, when our org puteh staff walked into the office (he’s on/off in the office, travelling the globe), she went…..oooooh thats a familiar voice…….. and then she hugged him.

    Terkebil2 cicak2 di dinding terlihat situasi cenggitu.

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