This Year’s Wishlist – redux

This originally appears on Sept 3, 2007. Today I bought a DS, and went through all my wishlists to cross it off, then bumped into this one and decided to get it updated too. The original post is in bold, the first update in italics, the third is in blue and the latest one back in bold. 21 out of 33 ain’t bad.

  1. Marc Jacob’s Daisy. Sold out!!Bought Provocative by Elizabeth Arden instead. Kak Ruby helped to get me one from HK! Thanks, K. Rubs.
  2. Adidas metal wristwatch
  3. A wrap dress
  4. Nintendo DS. Changed my mind. I want a Wii!!!! I got a soft Lavender PSP from Ina & Awa. Yay! I am now a proud owner of a Wii hehe. Only the DS is outstanding. I finally got myself a DS. In Rose. I rock.
  5. Air conditioner for my sweltering room. I sleep buck naked. Honest.
  6. PS3
  7. A TV to go with the PS3. Bought one to go with the Wii.
  8. A proper shelving system for my books
  9. A futon
  10. A trip to Bali
  11. Bangkok
  12. Hong Kong
  13. Middle Earth
  14. London
  15. Tokyo
  16. Since we’re on the subject of trips, I’d like one to Bora Bora too. I don’t know why. It sounds nice.
  17. A painting on canvass. Three, in fact.
  18. Red Gerberas. I got 33 red roses. From an unnamed.
  19. Virgin margaritas at Starz. Cheap. Only RM13 per pop
  20. Cuppacakes cupcakes
  21. A 501 that fits (ass-wise and length-wise)
  22. A pair of minnie mouse Aldo shoes
  23. Colourful plastic bangles like those worn by ladies who lunch
  24. A good haircut
  25. A pair of sunshades that will not break when I step on them
  26. An acne-free year, amen
  27. Bloom lipstick in Sheer Pout
  28. Subscription to EGM Monthly. It’s so hard to find them at the newsstand
  29. Golf lessons
  30. A fridge that dispenses ice and cold water
  31. The complete season of Ugly Betty. Amanda is hilarious. How can I hire her?
  32. A handbag sturdy enough to carry all my crap, I mean, stuff
  33. And world’s peace.

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  1. azil

    bravo kak ijah, BRAVO

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