Important Lessons While Toad Watching

Oral Fixation Mints
  1. If you order a drink with the mamak, make sure the order contains not more than 4 syllables. For instance: teh o ais limau,  teh tarik suam. Do not attempt to order something like teh o ais limau kurang manis or teh tarik kurang manis suam. The mamak will forget and get your order wrong. I saw this happened in front of my very eyes and are still open-mouthed gobsmacked at the accuracy of this theory. 
  2. Do not argue about Winona Ryder’s breast size. You will lose. You cannot beat breastmen although you are a proud owner of a luscious pair of breasts yourself.
  3. Do not EVER offer mints called Oral Fixation. Unless you are willing to listen to crude sex jokes all night long. And you being the butt of these jokes.
  4. No words necessary. Subtle eye movements are enough to convey interest about the appearance of possible toads. 

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