Where in the world is Capella Rosli?

Last night I had dinner with Ina. We were chatting about nonsensical nothings when I said to her, oya, last night I dreamt of Cap, which is strange because he just popped in out of nowhere.

She let out a little squeal.

I dreamt of him too! she said. Honest to God, I am not even making this up. But, I haven’t seen him since we left varsity, so the Cap that I dreamt of was the 18-year old Cap.

Me too, I told Ina. The last time I saw him, he looked a lot thinner than he used to. But the one that I dreamt of was the youthful, smiley Cap.

We called Wade immediately, but the last time he saw Cap was also the last time we heard anything about him. Cap left for Canada about 4-5 years back. They corresponded via email for a while, and eventually drifted away. It happens. Google search hits only yielded Cap’s old class listing from 1993.

Where in the world is Capella Rosli?

If you know him, or you know anyone who knows him, please give me a shoutout.



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13 responses to “Where in the world is Capella Rosli?

  1. Anonymous

    Oh i know that guy.. He is infront of me!

  2. Anonymous

    You jam with him before? He jams alot!

  3. Cap

    Ijah!!! Whatz up yoo… I guess ur msg in bottle gets to me, thanks to Alan man.. Took like 3 yrs but hey its working.

    So howz life? Nice vids u got there. Ur voice still kicking eh.. Thats so cool. Like that “Warisan Wanita Terakhir” song, u can kill that song like nothing.. ClapClap+Fewit.. Pls send me the score for the song, tks..

    Pls say my salam to all there, hope to see all of u there when im bck.. God Willing. Peace yoo…

  4. Hey Cap! Macam biskut, sekejap ada sekejap tak ada. I think we managed to get in touch in mid-2010 via yahoo, then we lost touch again. Anyway, as you can see, Ina and I are still tight with Wade but we don’t keep constant contact with anyone else from college. The vid you saw – alah, that was just for fun. I did it as a favour to an old friend who needed an unknown to perform that night. Last minute je :) The version that I played is different from original singer (I changed the plucking style and moved some chords around), so it is also different than the score I’m sending you. Anyway, yes please it would be great to catch up if you are in the country. Keep in touch and jangan hilang lagi :)

    • Anonymous

      Hehe.. Mcm biskut yee.. tak de laa sengaja nak hilang, cuma just taking care business. Kalu u guys nak dtg sini for vacations, bilik ada.. Cuma email me then i’ll give u my address. Let me know when and how many ppl…

      Pasal music score tu tak dapek laa.. Tak ado pon kat dlm email wa. Bole antar lagi tak? Anyways thanks for trying..

      Ok wa chiow now. Good to hear from u guyz again.
      Peace n Luv, Cap

  5. Anonymous

    U dapat tak email wa.. Tak de reply pon..

  6. Anonymous

    Whazup yoo.. So camner ur vac? Ttyl

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