Doa ~ for Zubir Ali


I had written a different post based on my memories of the song “Ikhlas Tapi Jauh”.

But, as I reflected on how I feel, and what I wanted to say about the late Encik Zubir Ali, more and more I felt drawn to just simply post this link and let his song speak for itself.

On my way to the airport last Friday, I received the message that he didn’t survive his heart bypass surgery. Later that night, several more text messages came in and his niece Anis Lee, left an simple email in my inbox. She wrote, just to let you know…

I knew Encik Zubir. Not well, but I knew him. I would like to write a glowing tribute about this man, but I find that I could not bring myself to.  He was kind and gentle, respectful and laidback, just exactly like how you would imagined him to be.  Completely unpretentious and quietly supportive of us, of anyone really, who show even  the tiniest interest in music. And the more I think about it, the more I believe that he would have liked me to say whatever I want to say about him in the simplest way possible, without any adornment or an embellished sense of nostalgia.

On what key? he asked me one day, when I asked him for the chords to ‘Lanchang Kuning’. He didn’t say no. He didn’t think it was trivia. He wanted to know on what key, so that he could give me something that I could use.

So I guess that’s what I wanted to say. He gave me something that I can use.

Thank you Encik Zubir, for the lessons. Thank you mostly for Doa, which has been my salve during those times when what I needed the most was prayers.

Sleep well under the grace of God. You are missed.


Tuhan ku
Dalam termangu
Ku sebut nama Mu
Biar susah sungguh
Mengingat Mu penuh seluruh

Tuhan ku
Cahaya Mu
Panas suci bagai kerdip lilin
Di kelam sunyi

Tuhan ku
Aku hilang bentuk
Kembara di negeri asing
Tuhan ku
Pintu Mu ku ketuk
Aku tak bisa berpaling

A Prayer

Dear God
In desolation
I said your name
So that this pain heals
Though it is hard
Remembering You with all my heart and soul

Dear God
Your light
(is) Warm and aglow like the flicker of a candle
On a quiet balmy night

Dear God
I lost myself
A stranger travelling in this strange land

Dear God
Here I am knocking on Your door
And I can no longer turn my face away (from You)



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4 responses to “Doa ~ for Zubir Ali

  1. Thanks so much for this touching meaningful tribute…he was our friend brother and guru…


  2. hegira


    lagu yang terkesan bagi saya ialah lagu semasa nyanyian dalam kumpulan harmoni.
    sehingga sekarang tercaricari jika ada sesiapa yang masih menyimpan kaset kump harmoni dulu.

  3. Zubir Ali… Bekas pelajar Maktab Mahmud, Kedah… Juga rakan sekolah sang penyair Dinsman… Lagu Doa… Rasa-rasanya puisi ini diambil daripada puisi Almarhum Chairil Anwar, penyair ulung Indonesia…

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