Rootin’ for Brit Brit

I am rooting for her. I was never a real fan and was never a hater though I protested loudly when Forbes magazine named her the most powerful celebrity of 2002. But I became one when she came back with “Circus”. It’s not that I find the album remarkable. I find Britney remarkable.  It’s hard enough rebounding from a broken heart. Imagine having to rebound from a broken life. She’s an amazing little, human being. Go brit brit.

2002: at the top of her game and named the most powerful celebrity by Forbes Magazine


2003: winning her first Grammy with “Toxic”, which is my favourite brit brit tune


2004: the ill-advised, ill-conceived Britney & Kevin: Chaotic


2007: the MTV VMA opening that shocked the world


….resulting in a YouTube sensation, the SpongeBob version


2008 (Jan): crying at a curb outside her mansion shortly before …

….  her spectacular meltdown that has her committed under 5150


2008 (Nov): one of the three ‘live’ performances of “Womanizer”  a mere 10 months later. Girl got guts.

…and the kick-ass cover by All American Rejects


2009: Back on the road, looking as good as ever. What a difference a year makes.

…and I end with the live performance of “Circus”, her favourite track from the latest album



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3 responses to “Rootin’ for Brit Brit

  1. PC Ng

    Yeah, Britney’s back b*tch!

  2. azil

    i luv nawty brit

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