What Would You Do?

Today I woke up sick, which is not an unusual thing. I spent the whole day in bed sleeping it off and by the time I got out of bed, it was early evening. I gave my cellphone  to ita and asked her to call McDonald’s and get me a medium double cheeseburger set.

After 40 minutes the order still hasn’t arrived. I asked Ita to call McD to check, she said the delivery will be late because it was raining heavily (it was) and that McD had actually called her earlier to ask if she wanted to cancel the order since they could not deliver on time. About 5 minutes later there was a knock on the door and ita went to answer it. I heard her saying “Oh iye ke?” (is that right?), then she came to my living room and gave me the cheeseburger. I asked her what was the problem coz I saw her still clutching the RM50 note that I gave her and she said the delivery boy forgot her order of large fries so he was going back to McD to get the fries.

And he did. About 10 minutes later he came back with ita’s fries and money exchanged hands.

What would you do if you were in the boy’s shoes? More importantly, as you read this story, how would you have reacted? Would you have blown off the roof and gave the boy the shelling of his life for forgetting the fries? Would you shake it off and tell the boy to just forget the order and pay him for the cheeseburger set because you are too upset and cannot be bothered to wait anymore and then spend the night fuming silently at the forgotten fries? Or, would you give him the chance to rectify his mistake?

It was raining cats and dogs and gay men and this boy, instead of taking the easy way out and just cross off the order of large fries, apologized, decided to go back to McD and come back with the order. I am glad that there are instances like this one where I am reminded that there are good people out there that take great pride at what they do not matter what other people think or say about them. Salut.


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