25 Things, Redux.

Originally appeared in facebook after a meme by Oji. There will be no tagging of 25 people. You can do this meme in your blog or the comments box if you’d like.

This is not an original piece, merely an update of an old “About Ijah” note that I wrote 12 years ago when I was working with bozell. I am reposting this here for 2 reasons:

  1. To draw attention to no 22. Many people asked me about the political situation in Perak and why I am not blogging about it. When I say I don’t give a rat’s ass, some called me ignorant and un-patriotic (funny, I’d still be called ignorant and un-patriotic if I had expressed an  opinion that supports the other party. So I am only smart and patriotic when what I am on the same side as the person who asks). One even wrote, “How can you say you don’t bother coz politics concerns everyone and for someone who’s so vocal about everything, you seem to be wishy washy on this issue” . Ok.  Let’s be clear here. I only talk or blog about things that I care and know about. These things, more often than not, are things that are within my control and influence. Like the b*tches at the office who are getting their comeuppance. The stalkers.  Boyfriends who cheat. My out-of-control shoe shopping habit. Poor customer service or bad taxi experiences.  The only time I blogged about politics in here was when I slammed my high school alumni for being partisan and used the alumni as a platform to further the Exco members’ own political agenda, and that was a good 8-9 months ago. I stand by what I said then:  that I remain free, just as everyone else, to choose which side I will be on. No one has the right to make that choice for me. So, you can be siding with party A or B;  be for or against the HRH’s decision;  be vocal or silent about the way you feel about the whole situation et cetera. But, you are not entitled to force me to support your opinion, or make mine known. Deal with that. And yes, I quit my alumni.
  2. It’s not new. That this apathetic attitude of mine is not something that came out of failure or frustration or years and years of rejection. I have always been apathetic and non-partisan. I was 12 years ago, I still am today.



Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.

  1. Sometimes I laugh at the most inappropriate moments. Actually, I am guaranteed to laugh at all the inappropriate moments.
  2. Sometimes I get the blues for no reason at all.
  3. My poker face is trés excellent.
  4. I watch Formula 1 races.
  5. And football. Especially if the money is good.
  6. And pretty girls at the park.
  7. Ok ok ok, I look at the guys too.
  8. I’d like to invite these people for dinner: Richard P Feynman, JRR Tolkien (I will take Patricia McKillip, Susannah Clarke or Sue Townsend as replacement), Kurt Vonnegut, Mike Royko, Christina Rosetti, Kahlil Gibran, Haruki Murakami, Balthier Ffamran mid Bunansa (marry me), Draco (the Dragon from Dragonheart), Dr Gregory House M.D., Sakurai Kazutoshi, Nobuo Uematsu, the guy who wrote Chicken Run, Jack Black, and the guy who calls himself the Self Made Critic over (the now defunct) brunching.com. Aw yeah.
  9. Sometimes I deliberately break promises, stand people up, feign interest. EVERYBODY LIES.
  10. People like to think I have double meanings and hidden agendas and believe that when I say I don’t give a rat’s ass, the truth is deep, deep, deep down in my heart I am hurt.
  11. When I don’t give a rat’s ass, I don’t give a rat’s ass.
  12. I collect stalkers like a hobby that I can’t get rid of.
  13. I have been told that I am brutally honest.
  14. I am crazy lucky. This is not a complaint.
  15. When I am silent, you are in trouble. Sometimes, I’m silent for years and years. 10 years, in fact. This, too, is a true story.
  16. There is no need to mention about the awesomeness of my breasts, it is self-evident.
  17. I am not afraid of heights, the dark, strangers, graveyards, authority, 5-inch red stilettos, burning kitchens, rodents, bugs, jerks, aliens, breastsmen, porn, being alone. My only fear is of kryptonite. And maybe, your mother. But that’s yet to be proven.
  18. I play the guitar passably.
  19. I think money is overrated. But I’d like more of it, please.
  20. I am physically unable to suck up or kiss ass or turn a blind eye or coast along or work for people whom I can’t learn anything from. It’s ok if other people believe those are valid, harmless tools to get further in life or at work. I am not other people. A spade is a spade.
  21. I don’t drink soya bean milk. Or eat prawns. Or babi.
  22. I believe in freewill, causality and Newton’s laws of motion (all three of them). You are responsible for your actions and reactions. Blaming it on religion, race, the government, the society, that bitch, the boss, the parents, the children, the subprime crisis, being married, being single, the sun, the moon, the stars, is just plain cowardice. Bite the bullet. Life is tough and unfair. That’s the way it goes. For everyone.
  23. I am the beholder of secrets. First, they tell me I talk too much. Then, they tell me the secrets they’d never tell anyone else. I’d make a kick-ass interrogator. Or a Charlie’s Angel.
  24. All stories have morals. Sometimes, the moral is simply that I should remember that THIS is not the kind of person that I want to be when I grow up.
  25. There is always a way.

These ain’t random stuff. Testimonials and witnesses available for all the above.

Your turn.


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