Bye Bye, Birdie

I (finally) lost this monstrosity. No idea where or when. No big deal. Come Monday I’ll just shop for a new phone. Tomorrow I will live a phone-less existence, just the way I have always wanted



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9 responses to “Bye Bye, Birdie

  1. jiji

    then do without altogether! hehe..

  2. Ijahamran

    Possible, but only if the press agrees to communicate using smoke signals.

    Would you believe my monthly bill does not even exceed RM50 and almost 90% of those are work-related?

  3. PC Ng

    You lost it on purpose didn’t you? Ha ha. How can, this monstrosity symbolises memories okay, lest you forget :)

  4. *lol* the story is like this. I went to Promod to try out hats and belts. Ina & Awa & my nephews were with me so we ended up trying gloves, scarves, sunglasses etc the whole lot la + taking pictures and basically creating a huge amount of mess and noise.

    Then, we went to karaoke. While waiting for them to assign the room, I checked my handbag and no E90. I called Promod, but they said they didn’t find any phone and no one turned in any. I could not CARE LESS and didn’t even went back to the store to look for it.

    How’s that for a bucket load of crappy memory? *lol* (the phrase bucket load of crap is stolen from City Slickers).

  5. PC Ng

    Are you talking to me? I beeped you too on FB. You never replied.

  6. yah lah, talking to you la. I was in the showers la masa you beep, when I came back online *poof* you were gone. As if you don’t know I don’t sleep. Any time is a good time to beep me. Just not on the phone hahaha

  7. PC Ng

    Yeah plus you don’t have a phone now. No way to get you if it was a matter of life and death or a SALE.

    Talk to you tonight la if I’ve got nothing better to do. Ha ha. I can’t wait to go home to KL!

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