Resolutions 101

What I really should be doing right now is lock myself in my room and start sorting out my wardrobe. Obviously, I am not doing that.


It’s been great so far. Despite my initial misgivings about the choice of arrangements, I must admit the new Mr Children album Supermarket Fantasy is great. I can’t wait for the tour to start. Who knows, this could be my lucky year and I might just go and book myself a ticket to Tokyo Dome. After seeing their incredibly inspired performance on kouhaku, I suppose only one conclusion is inevitable and that would be they are getting better and better. Actually after the regress~progress hiatus, I kinda thought they would slip a little and can’t tell you how glad I am that I was wrong.

I’ve decided I am going to take myself less seriously where music is concerned. And that would mean only one thing. SMAP!!!!!!! I listened to a lot of Greeen, Funky Monkey Babys and Teriyaki Boyz last year which was strange coz I don’t normally dig hip hop and rap and I am glad I did coz they are really really good. Anyway, this year I am going to go all out silly and to show you just how silly I am going to get, here’s a live performance of Nakai from SMAP doing the ‘Peace’ song with Morning Musume. I almost peed in my pants. I used to watch all these Jap variety shows with amazing regularity. What happened to me? When did I get to be so serious? (who is SMAP, you ask? They are the people who famously said if you see them singing, you should run very fast in the other direction)

I also want to go and see more live shows (karaoke doesn’t count). That’s where facebook comes in. I’m gonna start to RSVP to more events from now on and actually show up.


My Harumi Murakami collection is now complete. Yay. I just got my hands on the autobiography and the 2009 diary. This was what happened. I was at Bangsar Shopping Centre and while waiting for my dinner company to arrive, I decided to check out the Times Bookstore. I went round and round and could not figure out how or where they put Harumi Murakami’s books. So I went to the counter and asked the shopgirl to check her computer. I gave her the name of the book i.e. What I Think About When I Think About Running. She typed it in and the said, no lah, we don’t have that book. I sighed ok and then put the magazines that I wanted to buy on the counter when I saw that they have the Murakami 2009 Diary right there with the other 2009 diaries. I squealed and said you MUST have the book coz you have the diary right over here. She stretched her neck and then said…. oh, you mean Murakami’s book? Yes we have them in hardcover. Then she walked right up to the autobiography section (which I swore I have combed earlier) and straight away pulled out the book without even having to look for it, which is titled What I Talk About When I Talk About Running, by the way (so I got the title wrong earlier). How amazing is that?


This year I am going to try to read and buy more stuff from local and Asian writers. I bought very few fantasy fiction books last year, I think I only bought those by Susannah Clarke. Oh wait I did buy Wicked  (didn’t like it) and some books by brit writers but I didn’t buy the usual fantasy fiction compendium because I could not find them!!!!! I need to go out more. I also resolve to read more poetry this year. I used to read a lot of them, not for any reason other than just to see how words are used in different ways to convey different meanings. Why did I stop? Restart!


No fighting, no fighting… this is the circle of looooooove, Aida said. I take that to mean that I should peek into my freezer and defrost whatever that I put in there. Aaargh. Baby steps.

On the matter of me wearing too much black and expensive shoes I will say what Vonnegut wrote on page 163 of Slapstick. Go look that up. My money, my problem. I’ll spend it on whatever colour and inches of heels that I like. I find it interesting that some people can’t believe that I am financially independent and can afford the things that I have. Que sera sera.

Yes and on that note, on the speculation that I have sugar daddies or financiers or dating unavailable people hence all the secrecy about my personal life, let me relate a simple story. Last week I was asked about this again. Irritated, I dialed up the person I was seeing on the video mode and let the person who asked me the question talk to him face to face. He is good looking. He is in my age group. He has a good job. He has his own hobbies.  He has ambitions.  He has a wicked sense of humor. He is polite. And he is single. No baggage.  So let’s be clear here. While I am not in a long-term relationship, I am dating.  I know it’s uncool and condescending for me to address this here but I am sick sick sick sick sick sick of the insinuation that since I am 35 and single, I must be  either desperate for a man, or  too smug and conceited about myself that no one is interested in dating me, or that I am being kept as someone’s pet. Certain things in my life, I don’t share in this blog or anywhere else. That’s the way the cookie crumbles.

So, my resolution in relations to those who pry would be to just smile and leave it at that.

My last resolution would be to simplify simplify simplify – life, eating habits, shopping trips etc. I know some of you think that’s impossible but well, I’ve been known to accomplish the impossible.

Happy first week of the new year.


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