Careful Who You’re Calling ‘Auntie’

Saw this in the news, it’s just too good not to share.

Taipei, 30 December 2008– A 35-year-old Taiwan woman is suing her neighbour for insulting her after he called her “Auntie,” a newspaper said on Tuesday. The woman, identified only by her surname Chen, is married and lives in Kaohsiung city, southern Taiwan. She often quarrels with neighbours, the Liberty Times reported.

Her neighbor Wang, 30, parked his car near Chen’s door, which prompted her to accuse him of taking advantage of her, the report said. Wang apologized, and said he was parking there for a short time and would move the car soon, but Chen continued to complain.

Wang, who was in hurry to leave, said: “Auntie, let’s not quarrel over these trivial matters. It is not worth it.” Chen said she felt aggrieved and sued Wang for “public insult.”

“I had a good education, have a good job, earn a good salary, dress elegantly and have good manners. Everything I wear are brand-name products,” she told police.

“‘Auntie’ is the term used in China to refer to old women who yell with a harsh voice in the street, especially country bumpkins. So calling me ‘auntie’ is certainly an insult,” she told police, who failed to persuade her to drop the lawsuit against Wang.

Source: Liberty News, Taiwan


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