Missed Flight

For the second time in my life I missed my flight. Both times, I thought the flight was at a later hour and turned out I mistook the arrival time for departure time. Apparently I never learn. So right now I am  at the Coffee Bean waiting for the next flight out, that’s about an hour away so I have time to sit around, watch the boy in front of me edits his holiday photos from over his shoulder (no he doesn’t know that I am watching) and eat my salmon and egg on toasted English muffin.

This is what I am listening to while killing my time this cold cold Saturday morning. I haven’t been listening to X by Def Leppard for years. Then last night I had this horrible craving for it, luckily earlier in the year I had transferred most of my CDs into the ipod so I didn’t have to crawl under the bed to look for the album (a perilous adventure of its own, crawling under my bed, that is). Pretty good album. Overproduced as always, exactly what you’d expect from Def Leppard but the songs are alright …a little Backstreet Boy-ish for me at this late age but I guess if I have a rocking Taylor guitar to play them with I could make it work, to quote Tim Gunn.


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