7 More Things To Show You

Here are 7 more things that I want to show you (all sites, products and services listed below have been tried, tested and Ijah-approved). Yes, I do a lot of things online.

1. Wallpapering

As a general rule, I am not your flower kind of person but these wallpapers are just amazing. If you’re a wallpaper addict, try Graphic Bazar from which the below images were taken from.

wallpaper1 wallpaper2

2. Throwing A Fabulous Party

The new year’s coming and you might be crazy enough to plan a party, Evite is a great place to start.


3. Watching Your Weight (and nothing else)

And if like me, you are watching your weight that had long ago ran away to marry succulent medium-rare roast beef, mash potato with gravy and an extra large peanut butter and banana milkshake, attempt to count your calories and gasp in disbelief every time you realize how much you’ve eaten that day at FitDay. Then, you weep.

4. Playing With Your Photos

Play around with your thousands and thousands of photos at BigHugeLabs. You too can create cool jigsaws like this at the click of a button.

yes, this is my ACTUAL bedsheet

yes, this is my ACTUAL bedsheet

5. Jetting Off to a Sunset Somewhere

Pay retail for a holiday? Never. I have been using Asiatravelmart for as long as I could remember. For a quick holiday in and around Malaysia, go Cuti-Cuti.


6. Oops! I Forgot Your Birthday Again

Well, this is not really a quick-fix solution coz if you want to get your hands on those yummy wondermillk cuppacakes you need to place your order two weeks in advance! Yes, they are THAT popular. But, the cupcakes  are divine and so cutely designed. I have a great story about them. After ordering many boxes of cupcakes through PC, one day I decided to pick up the order myself. At that time wondermilk was still a home-based business so they only take orders via the net and you have to go to their house to pick it the cupcakes.

Okay, so one day I had something like 5 boxes of cupcakes to pick up. I took the address down, called for a cab and went to Damansara Utama. While the maid was looking for our order, I decided to look at the framed photos that were neatly arranged on the dresser in the living room. Imagine my surprise when I saw that this amazing cupcake entrepreneur is none other than my sister’s room mate back in 2nd College in UM! I gave out a little yelp, called Ina to tell her that I was at DZ’s house and that DZ was the mysterious cupcake maker.

Wondermilk now has a cafe in Damansara Uptown, along the same row as Brother Peter car accessories and workshop.


7. Look at My Apartment!

If you can recall, some time mid last year I had a stand off with the security guard at my apartment complex coz he let some big fat car parked at my spot. After that incident, Mr Khoo showed me how to google earth. The visuals are refreshed once every couple of months but it is still cool to see my apartment window right on cyberspace. Lucky I don’t hang my delicate unmentionables on the balcony.


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