The Solution To Everything

An actual post exchange. Names have been changed, not to protect the innocent, but to avoid potential lawsuits. And no we weren’t talking dirty. This was just a normal matter-of-factly conversation in my day to day life. Yes. I keep very interesting friends.

Read it til the end so you’d know why I posted it in here.

howza. so, how’s the party?
did you get naked? hahaa

*laughs* no, no one got THAT lucky last Saturday

you chickened out?

for all the boobies talk, shouldn’t you be showing ’em off?

haha, i bet you wouldn’t do it anyway for all the hard talks :)

*lol* since you party animals could not make it and I had tickets to spare, I allowed some of my friends to bring their kids.

I was protecting their innocence ok!

excuses, excuses
we party animals will only show up if there’s nubile naked ladies around

i double dare you to show ’em off


I thot you are an ass man?!!!!

when i squint real hard, and you squished them together, they can become 2 cheeks i can slap around :)

They’re huge but squished together they can only amount to a very small ass. Not very satisfying I’m afraid.




pegi tido lah. (go to sleep lah)

see, i knew you wouldn’t dare.

all talk… ahh. the internet is such an escapism of pretenses and fantasies

hahahah still trying to work that reverse psychology thing on me?

Oi! I could TEACH that masters course lah.

naah. i’m bored already.

gonna go surf some porn

I actually can’t think of any clever comebacks.

Porn trumps EVERYTHING!!!

yup yup.

oooohhhh.. just had my daily dosage.

i’m good to go now

you won’t believe this but this is my THIRD attempt at replying.

everytime I hit send, cyberspace at my reply.

I think it was too raunchy.

ATE my reply.

What raunchiness are you on about?

should’ve copied and paste it then..

let me be the judge of raunchiness for i am .. porn surfer

yeah, I know right? I actually gasped when the reply disappeared both times.

oh well, your loss then.


naaah, i have the moral fibre of a sponge

nothing freaks me out and never justify anything if it makes me feel good

great philosophy

I think am gonna plagiarize that and put it in my blog and claim it as my own.

go ahead. i know you’re a sponge too


  1. When a man asks you to bare your breasts, distract him by subtly urging him to go watch online porn.
  2. I do have the moral fiber of a sponge. Nothing sticks, nothing retained. But I won’t bare my breasts. Nice try.
  3. NEVER give me permission to post anything publicly because that, I WOULD!

p/s: boy, as a reward for inadvertently allowing me to post this in public and for the hilarious exchange above, here’s some luscious breasts. They are not mine, but I hope they suffice.

p/p/s: yes yen,  these aren’t mine :-)


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