IE Perilious Flaw

Copyright © 2005–2008 Mozilla. All rights reserved. Get your free copy of Firefox today.

Copyright © 2005–2008 Mozilla. All rights reserved. Get your free copy of Firefox today.

You see. This is exactly the kind of reason why I use Firefox almost exclusively whenever it is available. Can you blame me?

Microsoft releasing emergency patch for perilous IE flaw

SAN FRANCISCO (AFP) – Microsoft will release an emergency patch on Wednesday to fix a perilous software flaw allowing hackers to hijack Internet Explorer browsers and take over computers.

The US software giant said on Tuesday that in response to “the threat to customers” it immediately mobilized security engineering teams worldwide to deliver a software cure “in the unprecedented time of eight days.”

According to researchers at software security firm Trend Micro, attacks based on the vulnerability in the world’s most popular Web browser are spreading “like wildfire” with millions of computers already compromised.

Microsoft typically releases patches for its software on the second Tuesday of each month and rushing this fix to computer users out-of-cycle is testimony to the severe danger of the threat, according to Trend Micro.

“When the patch is released people should run, not walk, to get it installed,” said Trend Micro advanced threat researcher Paul Ferguson.

“This vulnerability is being actively exploited by cyber-criminals and getting worse every day.” Read full news article here.



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2 responses to “IE Perilious Flaw

  1. …and that is only on top of all the endless troubles upgrading to IE7 has given a lot of people. On to Firefox!

  2. yes please. Ever since I started using firefox in 2005, I haven’t used IE unless firefox is not available (like at the office). I remember back then one of my directors saw me using it and he asked what it was. I explained it to him, then when he started using it he said it was a pain in the @ss coz he could not access many sites. I have no idea what sites he goes to.

    I know then many sites were developed and optimised for IE and could not be displayed correctly in firefox. Not anymore. Look at firefox today. Sleek, smart, functional with idiot-proof add-ons… I can’t say enough good things about it. And when it crashes, it restores the last page viewed including whatever text you were typing. Very useful.

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