Rush! Rush!

I have time only for a quick post.

December is passing by in a rush. Who knew? I have lots and lots of things to do, books to read, shoes to try, clothes to fold, CDs to review, pictures to upload , transliterations to edit, liner notes to write, people to meet, parties to attend, karaoke sessions to organize, presents to buy, coffees to drink, plays to watch, cupcakes to eat, cars to buy bla bla bla. My to-do list is ridiculous.

I also have several projects initiated last August but they now are in the doldrums simply because I don’t have the time to kick them off. Not for the lack of good intentions though.

I am going to launch (if you can call it a launch) 2 new blogs. One is a fansite. There is no launch party, but I intend to host an online gig so will be inviting people to a special online room to perform their stuff. Something like an AOL session, I reckon. Ambitious kan? If you want to participate as a performer, or just want to type lewd messages to other viewers, send me an email at Once all is set-up, I will give you the details, a link and the password. If it goes well, the online gig will be a regular thing.

Details for the other blog cannot be shared yet coz it’s the kind of thing that needs to be a little mysterious. Hmm hmm.

(look at watch)

If anyone asks, I was already on the way 10 minutes ago.run1


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