Free Stuff That I Use All The Time


What’s good? Free stuff. There are plenty on cyberspace like porn, to choose one example.

The following would be the top 7 good free software or online resources that I use all the time. By good I mean they are easy to use, fast to set-up and has  no limitations, no adware, no spyware, no time-trials, no watermarks, no conditions – just simply free  like sunshine and second-hand cigarette smoke.

  1. Download Accelerator Plus by Speedbit. Idiot-proof and works seamlessly with all sorts of web browsers and best of all, speeds up downloads considerably. Perfect for instant gratification junkie like me.
  2. Wave@MP3 by River Past. A clean and simple wav to mp3 converter that hardly takes up any space and converts your files in 3 simple steps: 1. choose the file to convert, 2. choose where to save the converted file, and 3. click convert. Easy as pie.
  3. Twins video to iPod-Zune- PSP-3GP by Twins Software. Converts videos (flv) into portable formats that you can store and play on your mobile devices like the ipod or your super expensive 3G phone.
  4. stock.xchange by Haap Media Ltd. The image I use up there is uploaded by a contributor who goes by the profile enimal. The site contains over 300,000 absolutely free, no-conditions attached stock photographs and graphics. As courtesy, I encourage you to drop a note to the originator/photographer and give appropriate photo credit to them especially if you use the photos in a way that brings you income (e.g. the cover of your *smash hit* album). Registration is required but the process is painless and the site is developed and maintained professionally just like any other paid stock photography sites. Its sister site by jupiterimages offers royalty free stock photography from as low as USD1 (RM3.6). Cheap cheap.
  5. Firefox by mozilla. Wait. What do you mean you don’t use Firefox?
  6. YouSendIt by YouSendIt, Inc. Sending and receiving files made easy. You have a huge file to send to someone? Just go here, enter recipient’s email address, upload file (up to 1GB) and click send it. A download link will appear after your file finishes uploading and all you need to do is to remind your recipient to download the file within 7 days. Registration is optional and since I use this almost daily, I registered. Ok, so you can only send one file at a time; if you want to send multiple files you just repeat the process or zip those files if the size doesn’t exceed 1GB. I have to teach you everything? With the free account you also get 1GB bandwidth limit. Come on, how much porn are you trading with interested parties in a day? THAT many? Upgrade to pro, bro!
  7. WordPress, developed by the same good people who work on I know this seems like an obvious plug but for someone who has been blogging for a long time, I have been an unfaithful lover until I met WordPress. Its clean graphics, ease of use, constant improvements and its reliability are among the few reasons why I like this nifty open source blogging software. If you have been wanting to blog, either privately or publicly, this is as good place to start as any.


If you use any or all of these stuff, one of the simplest way to show your support or appreciation is to drop the developers a note to say thanks or to tell you friends to use them too (ok I didn’t do this post for this reason but you get what I mean). A donation would be nice too, either in cash or in expertise. Where paid options are given and  you are a heavy user that has the need for larger capacity, then upgrade your free account to a paid one.

More about open source can be found here. To find more free software go here. Also, since I am on a roll, check out the GNU project, something that I have been interested in since I found out about it circa 1998.


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