New Year New Year New Year

In anticipating the new year, a selection of 7 things I learned this year:

  1. How to convert flv files into mpeg4 and upload them into me ipod. Sweet!
  2. There is such thing as too many shoes. I am going try very hard to resist temptation.
  3. Taking a risky gamble yields higher probability of success than sitting back and be an unwitting victim of circumstance. I am sure this is the kind of lesson that I will learn and re-learn over and over again.
  4. When on a public stage, 20 minutes is plenty  to drive in the point. The rest is just sugar.
  5. It’s okay to leave people that you left behind, behind.
  6. And it’s okay to start all over again. You can always, and are allowed, to change your mind at any point of time.
  7. Smiling with one eyebrow raised is the easiest way to get what you want. That, and a side dish of cleavage. Works every time.

2009, here I come! Are you ready yet?



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