Music Snob, I am

I am trying to be less of a music snob. So earlier today, I typed “Top 100 Dance Songs” in itunes and proceeded to download some. I also made a mental note to download electronica, drum n’ bass and techno-trance songs, you know, just to make my ipod library a little bit more interesting. After all, I’ve shaken my tushie to I Will Survive and Enough is Enough.

(Btw with the superpass offer via realplayer, you get free downloads for next 14 days. Go to Superpass by Real Player. But anyway, even without the superpass, the songs costs as little as USD0.99 each. Cheap. So go buy some and support the arts.)

But you know what, after a few repeated listening of Kernkraft 400, Calabria 2007 and Sandstorm I had to admit defeat. I’m sorry. The aesthetics of dance music escapes me, and if I fail at that I’m sure as heck I’d fail at electronics, drum n’ bass and techno-trance. And correct me if I am wrong, there seems to be a huge difference between dance music today and what it was in the 70’s.

Can’t say I didn’t try.


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