Covers Wishlist

Ok, I am planning to do another gig. Let’s list down our covers wishlist. Link leads to tabs/chords in ultimate-guitar. Keep the requests coming. I can only do 10 but the more songs to choose from, the more interesting the gig would be.

    1. Oops! I Did It Again – Brit Brit
    2. Gemilang – Ella
    3. Who Knew – Pink (but this one’s difficult to sing)
    4. Top of the World – Carpenter (I know it’s old but I am having one of those joy to the world kind of feeling and this song fits)
    5. Bad Day – Fuel (coz so many close friends are having one)
    6. Other Side of the World – KT Tunstall
    7. By request: Shape of My Heart – Sting
    8. By request: Leave – Matchbox 20 (not Run by Snow Patrol, right? heheh)
    9. By request: It’s Raining Men – The Weather Girls
    10. By request: Bring Me To Life – Evanescence
    11. By request: Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough – Patty Smyth
    12. By request: Outta My Head – Fastball
    13. By request: Sympathy – Goo Goo Dolls

      As a treat, the original It’s Raining Men music video:



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      6 responses to “Covers Wishlist

      1. PC Ng

        I’ve got two and you know which two I’m talking about. Yes, Mr. Sting is one of ’em.

      2. susah ni nak fulfil this request.

      3. PC Ng

        Boleh la. IA gets things done, innit? Haha.

      4. apa kata kita mintak another person sing these?

      5. PC Ng

        Ha ha boleh boleh. What about the other song? Is he involved innit too?

      6. hey hey hey, which/what he are we talking about here?

        there is no ‘he’.

        it was just a figure of speech.

        my life has no ‘he’!


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