Britney’s Back, B*tch

She’s back!

(live at X-Factor, one of the 3 ‘live’ performances of Womanizer in the past week)

Us Saggitarians rock!



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3 responses to “Britney’s Back, B*tch

  1. PC Ng

    Go Britney! So glad she’s back y’all. With Federline outta her life, she’s slowly getting back on track. December babies rock! Ha ha.

  2. Kan? I am such a fan of cheesy poppy acts (Spice Girls!). Without them, what else can I shake my booty to?

    I reserve serious music for my dramatic periods, ahem.

  3. PC Ng

    Ha ha yeah. Exactly. If the Spice Girls came down, I would go for the concert and joget away. You have an escort if any one of the cheesy poppy acts come down!

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