So what about Bangkok?


So many people wrote and/or texted me about this since I am supposed to fly out tomorrow morning to catch the Bangkok 100 Rock Festival.

Well, the Suvarnabhumi airport is still closed. For today, all flights aboard MH or Air Asia to Bangkok are cancelled because the airport facility is shut down til 6.00pm local  time. Read the latest news report from Bloomberg here. Tomorrow’s another day away. In a strange twist of fate, the SET Index went up by 3.37 points as investors bet on military leaders finding a positive resolution to the standoff. So, the tide might turn for the better after all.

There is no warning or travel advisory issued by Wisma Putra by the way. The airlines are also giving options for us to fly in via Phuket then ferried by coach to Bangkok. So, looks like I am still Bangkok-bound.

If you have any relatives, friends or ex-lovers who are stranded in Bangkok, please tell them to get in touch with the Malaysian Embassy at +6626792190 before heading to the airport to get updates and information on the situation.


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One response to “So what about Bangkok?

  1. PC Ng

    Singapore issued travel advisory warning dee.

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