Whoops! I Dropped the Cupcake.


This very late birthday wish goes to a collective number of people:

  • September babies Kak Rubs and Ita and Iman
  • October babies Miss Qiao and Debster and Shalini and Emi (right? I always get the month wrong. Is it Oct or Sept?) and Lina Bee.
  • November babies Mr Khoo, Aning and (very important, this) Takuya Kimura!
  • December babies (what the heck, I might as well throw these in coz I’m gonna forget them when the right dates roll around) Ina and AMS and Jiji and Ems and PC and Stephen Tan and Anith and Miss It’s Britney, B*tch.

And as an extra treat, I dug out a precious Shingo Taku-chan Mama Oha-Rock performance taken at a 2001 SMAP concert – because the first time I saw this I laughed til I almost peed in my pants. Pouts, and he’s so damn pretty it should be against the law.


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