Mi Shoes Part Deux


Originally uploaded by supergalove

*on the way out to have breakfast*

Abu: Where are we going?

IA: (while looking for her keys) Don’t know yet, wanna go Lotus in Jalan Gasing? Okay, got my keys!

We walked past my shoe racks to get to the front door.

Abu: Banyaknya kasut! (So many shoes!)

IA: Shut up.

Abu stopped and inspected a rack.

IA: What are you doing?

Abu: (peering into the cupboard) I am just curious. You didn’t use to have this many shoes.

IA: (sambil cekak pinggang) The last time you saw me was 5 years ago. I bought many many pairs since then.

Abu: How many altogether?

IA: A little bit more than 60 pairs I think. At last count.

Abu: (took out the red Aldo and grimaced at the height) You wear them all?

IA: Yes. Can we go eat now?

Abu: Can I take a picture of these first?

IA: Can.

Waited impatiently while Abu went snap snap snap.

*in the car*

IA: It’s not a strange thing for girls to have a lot of shoes, you know. 60 pairs is not a lot. I know people who have hundreds and hundreds.

Abu: I know (politely).


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