Frenètic Day

I had a frenetic day but an anti-climatic evening. I:

  1. Bought replacement Wiimote batteries and charger.
  2. Had this laptop, yes the one that I am using right now, repaired. Oh I am so glad it is working again. According to the repair guy, it was due to software conflict i.e. a polite way to say that is what you get when you use pirated operating system you stupid b*tch. I am using original software now, honest.
  3. Bought a new PSP charger, since I could not find ANY of the 2 that I already have.
  4. Spent a pretty penny to buy 12 games, a combination of Wii and PS2. I was told that it is almost impossible to find PS1 games so I guess I’d be heading to ebay for those. The guy who was standing beside me said, oh you like RPGs. Can I suggest a game? I said, ok, go ahead. He said, why don’t you play Magna Carta. I just looked at him and laughed then the shopkeeper uncle quickly told him I have played almost all major RPGS released on multiple consoles for past 10 years (that is how long I have been patronizing his shop) so no need to recommend me anything. Gentlemen, I know you mean well but pleaaaaaaaaaaaase I am not a novice gamer ok. Don’t let my breasts fool you.
  5. Had a haircut. Supershort. I pointed to a pic of Linda Evangelista in her Loreal ad and it took the hairstylist all of  5 minutes to go snip snip snip. Couldn’t even slip in a word edgewise to say wait! I changed my mind! Imagine all the money I will save on shampoo. Speaking of, I need to get me some dry shampoo tomorrow.
  6. Had glasses done. I walked into the shop and said, just check my file and give me the exact same frames & glass coating. Apparently this is my 4th glasses this year, I had no idea. I am now eligible for a RM98 discount on my next pair. I bought another pink esprit. The glasses case is triangular which is interesting but I wonder how it will fit in my handbag.
  7. Bought a pair of shades from Promod. Actually I wanted to buy the purple canvas tote bag, but when I looked at it in the mirror, I thought it was a bit too big. So I walked around the store and started to try on stuff and ended up with a pair of shades instead.
  8. Tried and bought a pair of shoes from Guess. I didn’t mean to, and honestly, Guess is not my brand of  choice (which is Aldo by the way). Naturally I went to Aldo first but the selection didn’t excite me, so I wandered around to nearby shops. Note to self, never wander around to nearby shops in the future. Focus! Focus!
  9. Bought presents from L’Occitane, Marks & Spencer, MNG, Living Quarters, Aussino and Body Shop. There are so many birthdays and weddings coming up so I decided to do the gift purchasing at one go. Then I went to this gift shop, I don’t know its name but its signage is in orange, and paid them to do the wrapping (the service charge is RM2 per gift, excluding wrapper so it didn’t come cheap, ok).
  10. Went to Diva and bought this chain with a pendant that says  “90% angel”. Cute. While I was walking around the shop, suddenly a surge of China tourists came in and I mean a SURGE. It was practically impossible to even walk. So I didn’t get the buy anything else from the shop coz I was in a hurry to leave. Thank the goddess.
  11. Oh how could I forgot about this. I bought a black and white silk sarong batik. I have a lot of black sheer tops and thought maybe sometimes I’d wear them with sarong instead of with pants. I have no idea how to tie the sarong but that hasn’t stopped me in the past right?

By the time I came home, it was already early evening. As I was getting ready to go out, got the news that the event I wanted to go to was postponed. Grr. All that good hair for nothing.

Better post tomorrow. The laptop is a bit slow coz I am downloading things (itunes, cutepdf, realplayer … the usual suspects).

Shoutout to Yenz for her birthday that passed on Thursday. Welcome to my age group.


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