Document Hoarder

This post contains substantial swearing. Just thought I’d warn you first.

This morning I can’t find my wristwatch. I have 5 of them (4 Adidas, one BUM which I bought specially for the Uniform Party coz I needed something old-school to wear with the short-skirted long-stockinged getup). Yet I could not find a single one of them. I know that last night when I was doing the laundry I was still wearing the watch coz it banged against the washing machine. But after that, I totally forgot where I put it. And the thing is, I always put my watches (and keys, for that matter)  at the same place every day! I have a toyol (little goblin thief) living under the bed, I am sure of it.  In the end, I decided to wear some bangles that I bought from Forever 21. They cling and clang when I walk and can’t tell the time or date but my left wrist felt odd without something on it so they are a poor, but adequate, substitute to a proper watch.

So, last week it was keys & glasses. This week it’s wristwatch and (still) glasses.

Let’s b*tch a bit since I spent 3/4 of my day managing this super silly incident.

Today, Miss Abu was asked to provide another colleague of mine a document. Obviously my colleague, let’s call her Mimi, had asked me for assistance first but I told her I do not have the latest version – which is the truth, not just some lazy ass excuse for me not to check my computer for it. But I do remember that last July Miss Abu did an update on this so I pointed Mimi in that direction. Innocently, Mimi emailed Miss Abu, and it as a very nice email, to ask her for the copy.

Miss Abu vehemently denied having the document. I then emailed Mimi a copy of my correspondence with Miss Abu last July  when I approved the revised document. In the note it clearly stated that the original file is with Miss Abu, and we only have the one that was not yet revised. I also asked her for a copy of the final document in that email, and she replied to say that she had saved it in a public folder that can be accessed by everyone. True to form, she saved the wrong file. So all along, no one but Miss Abu has the right file.

Mimi then came back to me and said she needed the file urgently. So, I gave her the pdf version and said share this with Miss Abu to refresh her memory; maybe then she will remember what is it that I was referring to and would finally relent and give Mimi the file.

Strangely, Miss Abu still insisted she doesn’t have it. When Mimi showed her the pdf version, she became defensive and said “I did this update  not for RA, I did this for —- ok!!!” (the exclamation marks are all hers). Ok, so now she admits that she has the file, but she is still refusing to give us a copy, which is mind-boggling. Why? Does it contain secret nuclear codes that could destroy the world? The formula of youth? Cure for stupidity?

Several more emails in this nature flew furiously back and forth. In her exasperation, Mimi forwarded me the latest one and asked me to help her settle this once and for all.

I then wrote to Miss Abu to point out that I KNOW she didn’t do the document for me – that is why I don’t have the final version. But, I was the one who approved it, and that is how I know that an updated version exists and she has it in her computer somewhere. So can she please just dig it out and give us a copy?

30 seconds later she replied to say, “ok, thanks dear” (again, those were her words, not mine). Bleeping poseur. Who are you calling “dear”?

We are not asking her to do something new or earth shattering. We just want a copy of one sh*tty file. Control S. It takes what, 3 seconds, to do that and an additional 3 seconds to attach it to an email and press send?

What I don’t understand is this. Why’d the heck is that so difficult to do?  It’s not even a confidential document, just an updated version of a public document that has been used and shared by everyone.

So why does it take 3/4 of my bleeping busy day just to get a damn piece of paper?!!!!!!!!!

Fucking loser. Someone should shoot her in the head and put  her out of her misery.

I have to run, I have to run, I have to run, I am so late for my appointment.

Additional note:

I have been asked to name Miss Abu by 3 different people, all with good intentions. But no that is not how this blog has been operating and it will not be the way it will operate. I don’t name names unless I have specific reasons to do so and those mostly would be because their work/product/services are of interest to me (see my Disclaimer and Privacy Policy).

I have also been told that I should realize by now that people don’t like me, so they will make things hard for me at work. That is not the point of the story above. The protagonists are Mimi and Miss Abu. I was asked by Mimi to step in after her numerous attempts to get Miss Abu to respond positively failed.

GCCs pay attention. Always remember the 3 things that I said and promised in the first staff meeting that we ever had. I said:

  1. No  bitching outside the door; we are a team, we watch and support each other. We never, EVER blame a fellow GCC and we never EVER say it is not my fault. Whatever’s the crap – just  get it resolved and done.
  2. We are the people that get things done. No passing around a job. Ask for help if you need help, but work is not a multiple choice question – if you are given a task, get it done.
  3. If you keep to the above, then I will protect GCC. Whatever decisions and actions we make as GCC – right or wrong – I will defend those decisions. I know I did, and if I am asked to do it all over again, I would.

The reason I am reminding you of these is because although 5 years seem long at this point, the same rules apply when I call you back to active duty (and I expect you to answer that call). Don’t let yourself slide, stick to the high standards that you have set for yourself, always ALWAYS be unafraid to question and challenge authorities for what you believe in and if you are unfortunate enough to find yourself in the company of people like Miss Abu, don’t ever change your ideals or your attitude to fit in because these people are not the kind of person that you want to become when you grow up.

Cultivate relationships with people that matter for yor future (NOT your present), be kind to the little people because these little people eventually will be the ones whose favours you will always be asking, remind yourself that there is always another way – ALWAYS – and there is no such thing as a dead-end. And lastly, we never have to like each other to work together (I know I wrote a long email on this matter so there is no need to belabor the point, right). What’s important is to  get the job done.

I will never hire someone like Miss Abu, or the ex-GCCs whom I terminated (you know who they are), or people in the spy department (you know who they are, too).  If they are in my existing team or part of the business associates that I work with, I will not hesitate to kick them out – and I had kicked out people who are toxic to GCC in the past so you know I am not kidding.

I know this reminder is a bit long. But it has been a while since I had the opportunity to do a breakfast WIP with all of you scattered all over the place :-)

As always, I am just a phone call or an email away.

And you will hear again from me in 5 years (4 and a half, at last count!).


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  1. PC Ng

    Ha ha. It’s online WIP now. Yes boss, what you told us still applies and it will continue to guide us through our work lives :)

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