Rain Rain, Please Stay

A couple of happy news (for me at least):

  1. The Meteorological Department predicts that the rainy season will continue following the upcoming monsoon so it will be rainy evenings in KL til March 2009. Yay.
  2. I received a cheque from the Income Tax Department yesterday – well actually it’s not their money, it was MY money that was overpaid in the monthly deduction scheme – a pair of new glasses coming right up! First thing that came to my mind was – wheee… atlas ring here I come – but my poor eyesight takes priority lah. Still, getting the cheque was a nice, running-around-the-sofa moment.
  3. I have cured my sleeplessness. I almost kicked myself in the behind for not coming up with this solution earlier. You see, the reason I could not sleep was because my mind wanders too much. And when my mind wanders, all sorts of hells will break loose.  Especially if I don’t have any no-nonsense arbiters like kak rubs around to tell me to snap out of it. Anyway, the solution is so simple. I fire up one of the consoles and play video games til the point of passing out. Tada! Easy peasy lemon squeezy. I have logged in 79 hours that way, so with an average of 3 hours per night, I have been falling asleep without me even realizing I was asleep for the past 3 weeks. Problem solved!
  4. I had lunch at d’lish today. As I was munching on the roast beef sandwich while reading about horny Malaysian teenagers who post their sex romp videos on the internet, “Time After Time” by Eva Cassidy came up – so here’s a special shoutout to Debster who loves this version. I also listened to “I’ll Be” by Edwin McCain in the radio while I was on the way back  to the office and thought the lyrics were a bit odd. Turned out the part where he sang “I’ll be love’s suicide” was blanked out and redubbed with “With the trappings of love”. The editing was seamless so if you didn’t know the actual lyrics you wouldn’t have noticed. The backstory to this song is that I once wrote to them, I think it was in 1999 or so. So anyway I wrote to McCain; and his manager replied (I can’t remember how I got the email address but I am sure I did it the highly illegal way) and then they sent me a bunch of flowers! Okay so this was 10 years ago but still, it was very nice. So, or course I know the lyrics to McCain’s songs like the back of  my hand. By the way, I noticed that a lot of songs that I gravitated to was produced by Matt Serletic and the late Bruce Fairbairn. We noticed this when Emi and Ruby were dusting my CD collection when we were still living in Vista. If you liked stuff by Aerosmith, Matchbox 20, Collective Soul, Cranberries, Santana and even Bon Jovi, chances are either one of these 2 gentlemen was responsible for it. Matt Serletic now is the Chairman/CEO of Virgin Records and he is only 37. Dammit!



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