Realization (Funny What A Taxi Ride Can Teach You)

Something less morbid for the weekend. I wrote this back in Y2K. Too pre-occupied to write something fresh. No posts over the weekend coz I’d be busy with the open house. Come if you can.

Realization (Funny What A Taxi Ride Can Teach You)

I squirmed uncomfortably in the backseat
of the taxi as the driver asked me
questions about what I do for a living
I lied absentmindedly as my mind wandered
around aimlessly trying to shut out his per functionary
personal comments about my late hours, the distance,
the traffic, the state of economy, how to run the government
Everyone thinks he knows better

My satisfactory hmmms’ and oh-yes’
automatically volunteered at the right pauses
made him laugh heartily and I bet he felt so clever too
Truth is I didn’t even hear him
It was just a buzzing noise in the background of my mind
Annoying but not necessarily disturbing

Inside this drone I suddenly struck perfect balance
and for a split second perfectly understood
what you meant when you said
You were there
But you didn’t belong
And all my anger
And confusion
And feelings of irrationality
Stayed behind
Left purposely inside the taxi
As I reached my apartment
And exited

The taxi driver never knew that.


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