Scream @ Me (redux)

Scream At Me

(words + melody by IA, Y2k)

From way up here
I could see beautiful lights
The night is calm and peaceful
Unlike my heart
You’re tearing into shreds

But you can’t see
How your silence cuts me
More than your words ever could
More than your anger ever would
It frightens me

I’m talking to you
I’m talking about these walls
Invisible but real
I’m talking to you
I’m talking about this fear in me

For your quiet surrender
To my carelessness
Wounds me deeper than
A cut through my heart

IA’s note: If you want to listen to the song, please right hand click your mouse at the title and save the file (about 2MB). Hotlinking is not permitted and I was not able to embed this in here so that’s the next best option.  Please see the Ijah’s Music tab at the top of the page for more stuff.

Further note: Scream at Me, in its original form.

Scream At Me

Your quiet surrender to my carelessness
No tempers, no tantrums
No refusal, no objections
No excuses, not even a whimper
Frightens me
So much more
Than your

Just as your resigned obedience
Wounds me
So much deeper
Than your


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