Let’s Go to Bangkok!

Bangkok Rock Festival 100

Bangkok 100 Rock Festival 2008

I am heading to Bangkok to see this concert. Actually, I have no preference over any particular bands, I just want to go to a rock festival and take a break from what has been a, well, strange year.

I haven’t spoken or made plans about this with anyone yet. But frankly, even if I am going there alone, I’d still go coz I really REALLY need to do something and be somewhere where I can scream out loud without getting arrested.

The plan is to fly there after work on Friday Nov 28 (yes on my birthday) or early Saturday morning; do some quick shopping or whatever it is that you do when you are in Bangkok like eating fried bugs or getting a massage or something, then off to the concert, rinse and repeat on Sunday. I’d be flying out on Sunday when the concert’s over and possibly take Monday off to recuperate. I have not bought my flight tix or book a room yet but those are very simple details that can be taken care of at the snap of the fingers. I am buying the concert ticket FIRST (and as always, imposed on poor Jobster to do the dirty work), so that I can’t back out of it. The ticket costs THB1400 for a 2-day pass; and THB80 for a one day pass. It’s done. I’m going.


Dubbed as the biggest rock festival in South East Asia, the Bangkok 100 Rock Festival 2008 is a guaranteed headbangers’ ball with Manic Street Preachers, Ash and Hoobastank. The festival happens over two days and here’s the full lineup:

Day 1 (29 Nov)
Main Stage
As I Lay Dying
Silly Fools
Brand New Sunset
Slot Machine
The Rich Man Toy

Indie Stage
Harem Belle
Feeling In My Heart
Silent Scream
Roses Fall
Butterfly Effect
Greasy Cafe’
The Mousses
The Papers
Kid Insane
Street Funk Rollers
Sound Landing

Day 2 (30 Nov)
Main Stage
Manic Street Preachers
Penny Century
Apartment Khunpa
Tattoo Colour

Indie Stage
Born From Pain
Rapbit Dolls
Sign of Silhouette
Sleeping Sheep
Saliva Bastards
Sunday Drive
Abuse the Youth
Red Twenty
Stylish Nonsense
Death Trip
Desktop Errors
Revenge of a Cyberman

To get your tickets and for more info, visit Bangkok 100 Rock’s website.



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6 responses to “Let’s Go to Bangkok!

  1. It’s done. I’m going. And by some cosmic mix-up, managed to convince a total stranger to go with me as well. Haha. This is going to be interesting.

  2. PC Ng

    A total stranger? One of those boys who was trying to pick you up? He he.

  3. haha that was SIX months ago (or thereabouts). I haven’t been picked up by any young, male strangers since and I have actually forgotten about that, you know!

    This one’s a friend’s friend – whom I have never spoken to or met. I think I was conned into babysitting.

  4. Anonymous

    EMI! Let’s go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You probably need the vacation more than I do. Apa lah yang ada kat kemaman tu beb?

  5. Emi

    Sounds tempting…hehehheh…

  6. IA

    apa tempting? consider it done la!

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