Ijah’s Open House

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Dear friends, bloggers, random visitors, angels etc,

When I was a small little girl in Kg Changkat Tin, Tg Tualang Perak (wiki that), one of the best things during the Hari Raya season would be the opportunity to visit my friends without my mom chasing me all around kampung with a rotan (cane).

The story goes when I was 8 years old, I developed this strange habit of not wanting to go home after school (my killing time habits had started young, you see). So, when the last bell rang instead of hightailing it back home, I would climb this huge, big tree at the end of the school yard and just sat there – doing absolutely nothing at all. If I did go home, I would then go to the backyard and climb this sprawling guava tree at the end of the garden and sat there for hours too.

I was a child so it didn’t occur to me that my parents would worry. Actually they didn’t coz the teachers (whom are my father’s friends as he was also a teacher and once taught at the same school) would tell my parents where I was.

Now, at some point I got bored of sitting on the tree – wouldn’t you? So, I decided that I would follow my friends home and hang out at their place instead. So one day I would go home with friend A, next day with friend B etc; there was never a specific plan or friend, I just sort of went up to one of the kids in my class at the end of the day and then told him/her that I would be following him/her home. Strange, yah I know, but I have done stranger things.

One day, after spending the whole afternoon doing god-knows-what at one of my friend’s place, I got home to find that my mother was waiting for me at the gate with a cane. It could only mean one thing, right? So I ran into the house like the little mouse that I was (I was small so I was fast) and hid at the one place where I thought my mother would not be able to find – under the kitchen table. Haha. I still laugh at my naivete.

Anyway, that cured my “sitting up on a tree and visiting a random house” phase.

And of course Raya then held special significance coz I could roam all over the kampung without fear of the rotan.

Anyway, in the tradition of open houses and to remember those people who so warmly welcomed me into their homes without even knowing ni anak siapa (who my parents are), I am holding an open house this Saturday to celebrate the Raya. Please come if you can, all is welcomed.

I know it is dangerous to post personal details on the net on the offchance that some deranged stalker might walk into my house in the middle of the night and rob all my games consoles (which I treasure more than gold. MORE THAN GOLD!!). But I will take that chance. Here are the details:

11 October 2008 (Saturday)
7.30pm – 10.30pm

As long as you wear some form of clothing that will cover your naughty bits. Pants optional. Swimming allowed.

Spouse and friends are also invited so don’t be shy to bring all your ex-lovers to the event. Bring children at your own risk.

Ample parking inside the condominium compound but no known public transportation network. The closest commuter station would be Bt 3 and you will have to take taxi from there. Nearest public transportation hub (taxis & buses) would be Plaza PKNS, Shah Alam.


Jln. Kelab Golf 13/1, Shah Alam
40100 Selangor Darul Ehsan

GPS: lat 3.080916; long 101.53674

If you want to write to me, I can be reached at ijah@email.com

Selamat Hari Raya Aidifitri.



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6 responses to “Ijah’s Open House

  1. PC Ng

    Wish I could come but I am moving out this weekend :( Feed me when I come back next? Ha ha.

  2. oh you finally moving into your purple room? the one where we gonna have the party? hehe me and khoo are waiting for the invite for YOUR open house.

  3. PC Ng

    I didn’t rent the whole house. Just a room. How to have open house la? Furthermore, my landlady stays with me. Wait till I get my own studio apartment, THEN we partyyyyy!

  4. Cis excuses! When there’s a party, there’s a way!

    Are you coming home for Miss Khoo’s full moon? It also happens to be the father’s birthday tau. And a couple of weeks after would be mine.

    I will cut you of from my will if you don’t come to my birthday (which as always will be spectacular and have doorgifts in the form of various Milo stuff – which I know you love hahaha)

  5. jiji

    is this a formal invite hehe…

  6. Ohah Jiji, yes it is. I sent you one via FB too, did you get it?

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