IA and Her (cursed) Mobile Phones

*this also appeared as a  note, sans pictures, in Faceboook*

This is a story about me and my numerous misadventures with mobile phones. I am sharing this so that you can learn from the moral of the story below (all my stories have morals to it, ok?)

It looked just like this one, only gray in colour.

It looked just like this one, only gray in colour.

My first one was an Alcatel. I used it for 5 freaking years, ignoring all the snide remarks about its ugly appearance and lack of functionality apart from making/picking up calls and sending short messages (by short I mean 70 characters and below and by the way that is what sms means – SHORT MESSAGE SERVICE so keep it short people!).

Then, I decided, ok, I have had enough of this jabbing so I bought a Sony Ericsson PDA/Camera phone (can’t remember model’s name la I think it was T80). That, and because the Alcatel’s battery cover was no longer locking the battery in I had to use masking tape to keep it in place. Back then, the SE models had just arrived in the country… possibly only the week before so I was the only person I know that had an SE. I was basking in envy glory from everyone who saw me using it when one night, after a long hard day travelling to and fro PJ – Putrajaya, Ita and I decided to stop by the Shell petrol station in Kelana Jaya (the one near Giant, only back then there wasn’t any Giant yet).

As Ita was pumping petrol, I hightailed it to the toilet to pee and as I was taking off my jeans, the phone fell right into the deep bowels of hades. This is the old fashioned squatting toilet type so there was no way for me to reach into it and retrieve the phone (and even if I could, do I want to? Eyew…). For months I could not use that road because it brought tears to my eyes. My friends still tease me about this incident.

Anyway, I huffed and puffed it  back home and used back the Alcatel, masking tape and all. The next day I went to Giant and bought another Alcatel – a slimmer, sleeker version of the old one but with the same zero functionality apart from, you know, phone & sms.

The 1, 2 & 3rd communicators I used. All within a year.

The 1, 2 & 3rd communicators I used. All within a year.

I used that for another full year with no incident whatsoever when I changed jobs and was given a “smartphone” – a Nokia 9210i I think which is an ugly montrosity that didn’t fit into my any of my handbags.

I used the first one for about 3 months before I left it in a taxi.

I used the second one for about a week before it was snatched by a thief (tow boys on a motorcycle) while I was waiting for a taxi.

I used a temporary one for about 3 months, took it to Papua and all over the world and dropped it 10,000 times that by the time I returned it to the company to get a new phone, it looked like it was fit only for the junkyard.

...and this was how the 4th communicator looked like.

...and this was how the 4th communicator looked like.

I was given a 4th one and as precaution I bought a small little Phillips on the side, again from Giant (you can tell by now that I buy phones where I buy my groceries) so that I have a spare phone in the case of emergencies. True enough I broke the 4th phone (Nokia 9300) and had to use the Phillips while waiting for the communicator to be fixed. I left the company soon after so was stuck using the Phillips until I conveniently dropped it from a very high height (let’s not speculate how or why) and it R.I.P.ed.

It was not sexy at all but it functioned and that was all I needed. (R)... err... thanks Ang but hell no, thanks.

(L): It was not sexy at all but it functioned and that was all I needed. (R)... err... thanks Ang but hell no, thanks.

Left with no phones, I used a Nokia 3310, a really REALLY old one with Powerpuff Girls casing that I borrowed from Aning coz I found that I didn’t have any phones at all to use.

Ina then bought me a Nokia (on a pretext that she is lending me an old one coz she knows I would throw a fit if I knew she bought a brand new Nokia. By then I already knew I am not a Nokia person) and for the first time I had a proper phone that can receive long sms without breaking them into 10 little sms (the smartphones didn’t count ok, coz I didn’t buy them).

Then I started a new job, and was given an XDA pda phone. True to form, on the first day itself the battery went blink and could not be used at all. The company then gave me the free phone (Nokia, what else) that came together with the service contract, about 2 months after that I went to KLCC and it was stolen while I was in the LRT.

As a temporary measure, the company gave me a Nokia 8210 that I believed is at least 7 years old. I took one look at the phone, smiled politely and told Ang (the admin guy) I would rather have my eyeballs gouged with flaming hot iron rods than being seen using that phone in public.

So, I went back to using Aning’s powerpuff phone while shopping for a new one. I finally settled on a hot pink samsung MP3 SGH-X830 phone (PC would remember this) which was a limited edition released for the european christmas season.

*sniff* bye bye cool phone. I hope your new owner treats you well.

*sniff* bye bye cool phone. I hope your new owner treats you well.

And just like that, I became super popular.

I was even stopped at the airport because the security guys wanted to go ooh and aah over the phone. An Arab family offered to buy the phone from me as I was having coffee at Coffee Bean Pyramid with Bibi and Kak Ruby because his daughter was so enamoured by it. Yes, it was that crazy.

What did I do with the phone?

I left it in a taxi.


Just a mere 2 months after I got it. I haven’t even gotten used to the keypads yet.

Honestly, it broke my heart.

Try as I might, using whatever channels I had, I was sadly told the phone is no longer available in Malaysia.

So, Ina gave me an O2 PDA. She said, well, use it to tide things over until you find a new phone that you like.

Which brought me to present day. The Nokia E90 had just been released and I decided okay, maybe I should go with big phones instead so that I won’t lose it.

And what do you know, I got the E90 as a gift (shut up PC!). A few days later I went to a mobile phone shop to get one of those lcd protector thingy and as the guy as putting it on, he broke the LCD display. Honest, this really happened.

Since the phone was so new, they didn’t have parts in Malaysia (I blogged about this before) so it had to be sent to Singapore (no parts also) and then to Hong Kong. The shop guy then gave me a brand new small little basic Nokia phone to use while he get the phone fixed – he said the E90 would only arrive in 2 weeks or so. It became 2 months!!!!!

Ok. The only problem was by then I needed 2 phones because I  have an official number, and (because of reasons that I cannot divulge since I might get arrested for it) a personal number. So I walked to the phone shop across the shop that broke my LCD screen and bought another Nokia (a flip top one, can’t remember the model).

I curse the day I got this phone. I curse it!

I curse the day I got this phone. I curse it!


2 months later I got back the E90. On the second day, the mic broke. I didn’t do anything to it. I woke up one day and the mic was not working. Again, there were no parts. And it was Chinese New Year so the parts that they order could only come after at least 2 weeks.

Are you with me so far? Good.

I got back the E90 in good order (which was about 6-7 months ago). And I had the flip top, which was also good.

I then left the Nokia fliptop in a taxi on my way to Matrade. Honest. This was in May.

Which brings us to the present. After I lost the fliptop, someone left a brand new Nokia on my table (I have no interest in speculating who, it was a gift and I take gifts gladly). But by then I have decided that I will use the E90 as my main phone, and consolidated all my numbers into just one (so no more carrying 2 phones).

Then, Aning’s phone died, so I gave her the small little Nokia that I got for free from the shop that killed my LCD screen. Next, Ita’s phone died, so I have her the brand new Nokia that was left as a gift on my table.

But all is good right, coz I have the E90 and I don’t need to have 2 phones anymore.

Guess what happened next?

The E90 is now broken!

Again, I didn’t do anything to it. I woke up one morning a few days ago and the screen died.


I know this is supposed to be a short note but I just could not help it.

So now I need a new phone.


I have learned 3 important things i.e. moral of the story:

  1. I have a Nokia curse and it is a powerful one. No amount of time or money or mojos can break this curse. The only way is to stop using anything Nokia altogether.
  2. Many taxi drivers in KL have benefited from my kindness and received free, brand new phones. I should get like a frequent flier or bonuslink points for this.
  3. I should always ALWAYS buy phones solely based on it being fashionable and incites envy. At least if I lose it or it’s broken I would have enjoyed a few good moments bragging about it.

p/s: Somewhere during the Nokia 9210i communicator period, I also bought another Alcatel. I have no clue where this phone is and why I bought it. Oh wait! I remember. It was because I was also holding 2 numbers so I  needed a personal phone to keep in my bag. Now where did this phone go….?


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