A Lamb that is a Bear?

I had a good break.

I am now replaying Final Fantasy 8 and Final Fantasy 12; Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and Crisis Core. That means I have 4 games running simultaneously on 4 different consoles. My room reeks of geekiness. I didn’t mean to, really I didn’t, but I’d be in the middle of one game when the urge to play another becomes unbearable so I have to switch until another urge hits me.

Both my nieces (Alan’s daughters) were admitted to PICU in SJMC. Thankfully, both of them are out of danger and have been transferred to regular wards so Ina, Amar, Amin and I decided to pay them a visit yesterday. At the ward, Alan was not there coz he was at the factory. Only his wife was around. We did the usual salam2 thing and then I sat at the edge of the bed looking at the strange looking bear that was sitting prettily on the bed (which I discovered later is a LAMB, that’s why I thought it looked strange. As a lamb it looked totally normal).

Anyway, Ina (Alan’s wife, not Ina my sister) then said to Ina, where is Ijah?

I turned around and looked at her. I AM IJAH, I said.

Ina (Alan’s wife, not Ina my sister, who was then roaring with laughter) gasped and covered her face.

I thought you were Ita, she said.

Hehe. Being mistaken for a 28yr old? I’ll take that, thank you.

I told you I had a good break.

p/s: this post was inspired by the cute lamb pic that I found on flickr. It’s name is Flapser. You can see more of Flapser’s antics here:

p/p/s: lamb…sheep… what’s the difference? They both taste so good in a curry.


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