Goodbye Song

Goodbye Song

(words + melody by Ijah Amran, 2005)

I wonder why you call
I wonder why you say
Baby, please don’t take this the wrong way

I wonder why you’re here
I wonder why you insist
Little girl, I’m gonna miss you someday

From your voice I know you’re going away
So far away from me
That this goodnight had really meant goodbye
(You say goodnight when you really meant goodbye)

I wonder why you joke
I wonder why you say things
Then you take them back

I wonder why you hesitate
I wonder why you say
Little girl, I didn’t mean for you to be the last to know

Repeat chorus

Little girl, it’s nothing personal
And you know we’ve been skirting around
Waiting for the first cut
But like that line in the movie
“This train had sailed”
Take a moment to let that sink
And you will be okay
And I know I will be okay too

I wonder why I smile
I wonder why I say it’s okay
When I could hear my heart is breaking

Ijah’s Note: For Jai. Just one of those stupid situations I got myself into. This was in  retrospective so there was no malice when I wrote this.


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