I Wrote This

I Wrote This

(words + melody by Ijah Amran, Y2K)

Am  Em     Dm           Em
I wrote this on Valentine’s
                   Am  Em    
There was no window
Dm           Em                        F
So I couldn’t look outside and see
G                                            Am  Em
What was up with the rest of the world
Dm           Em                      Am Em
There was no window but I’m sure
Dm           Em                     F
If I closed my eyes I could hear
G                                                      C
Sweet nothings being whispered in the air
But I didn’t close my eyes
     Dm                              Em
And I breathed like the wild tongue of fire
F                    Am
Swift and unforgiving

Am     Em    
I wrote this
         Dm                      Em                  Am Em
As chocolate covered promises were made
         Dm           Em           F
And flowers could cure anything
Don’t need your reasons
C  G Dm G                           C G Dm
I, I could hear my heart was breaking
            Em              F G
But if I’d turn I would see

C                                    G                  Am
That there is life beyond being the half of one
G                                 F
Like this beautiful Valentine
At some point of time
C                        G
I know it’s got to end
C                  G                  Am
There is life beyond this jarring pain
G                                 F
Like this beautiful Valentine
G                    Am
This too, shall pass

I wrote this
As rain fell gently on the ground
As lovers walked by hand in hand
Everything was alright with the world
Except for the silent telephone
Reminded me that now you’re gone

I wrote this as your voice flooded my mind
But like this beautiful Valentine
We too, shall pass

Ijah’s Note: Written on Valentine’s Day 2000, at the back of the taxi on my way home from work.


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