All Ado About… Something?

I had written a different post but it sounded giddy – which I am not, at least not at the moment – so I pressed delete and decided to write a new one.

Naaaaaaah, I’m not in a bad mood. I’m fine. I am under a gag order and I will honour that promise so, sorry, but no details. The short of it is that last Friday I found out that the initials IA could stand for a variety of things: illegal aliens, investors affair, internal assesment, information appliance, inappropriate action, insemination artificialle etc.

To live is to be brave, kan? Furthermore, I have no reason not to be brave. Like how Khoo puts it: 2008 will be over in 3 months and by then all these will be obsolete (he’s a techno geek, can you tell?)

But more importantly I guess I know that I am reading a bit too much into it but still wanted to be overly dramatic anyway. Well, drama over. Business as usual. It’s not a normal day in Ijah-land without the occasional burst of grandiose, kan?

I also realise, and this is something that I have to get used to, that there is a good chance this is the last nail on the coffin. So, it could be a so long, farewell, goodbye gesture instead of a prolonging of an old story. If that is the case, then I am sorely  mistaken and would have to apologize for my brazennes.

The only reason I didn’t consider that possibility earlier is because I was convinced on my invincibility (can’t find the right word so I’ll use that til a better one comes along).

But now, back to normal. Better post from this point onwards, I promise. No more cryptic messages. No more dramas.

Well, maybe some dramas.

I’ll try to keep it to a minimum.


You don’t believe me, do you?


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