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2 responses to “Chikara

  1. vee

    hi kak ijah,

    all these years, at the point of breaking; in the darkest and deepest hardships, i’ve always asked myself : ” what will kak ijah do..?” that itself is a salve….

    bile nak buka pose sesama? :)

  2. Ijahamran


    I lost the phone that I was using the last time you saw me at Delicious Bangsar. So I’ve been meaning to call you and Man (and Adam? hehe) but was never able to and these are one of those times I’m really glad I know how to do keywords tags so that people can search for me via google.

    I’d be on leave from 26 Sept, any dates before that I’m tied with prior commitments but after the 26 you just name the time and place and I’ll be there (bulan puasa so I am toning the hotness level a notch so I can guarantee that I will be child-friendly). Leave me your number in my email: ; and if you have facebook you can use that addy to add me as well.

    I miss you and Man!!!!!! I still have the comforter that you left in 775 to use whenever Man or you crashed at Casa Ijah.

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