Playing with Cards or People’s Minds?

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I have a not-so-secret talent.

I can read cards.


Yep. All these strange things and people, they only happen to me. Remind me to blog about James the taxi driver some time. That’s another strange one.


I was taught by this Filipino witch (that’s what she calls herself). She insisted. She said that I could ‘see’, whatever that is. Actually, she was teaching a friend of mine to do it coz this friend is interested in the occult. I just happened to be in the same apartment. Next thing I know, I was taking tutorials.

How did I get to know her? I can’t remember, but this was a long time ago when I was still inhabiting 775 Vista. During those strangely hazy days (and it was completely without the aid of marijuana), I didn’t even know half of the people who were sleeping in my living room so go figure.

Anyway, some people know about this, but have never seen me done it. Some people had me done it to them; sometimes against my free will (you know who you are)! I prefer to do readings for strangers coz I wouldn’t know anything personal about them and couldn’t care less if the cards turn out to be bad. I tell people that it is a great party trick, and it is. I don’t put much stock in it. To me it’s just something that someone taught me a long time ago and I bring it out to the open every now and then just for the heck of it. I don’t even remember how to do it properly anymore; just that it has 7 steps, the cards have the be shuffled by whoever’s seeking the reading, it has to be fresh deck of cards, and that the person must have a specific question in his mind when he’s doing the shuffling and the cutting of the deck.

My 3 rules are always the same:

  1. I will only do it once for each person – there will be no repeat performance; and
  2. I don’t want to know the question(s) or whether my reading is accurate or otherwise; and that
  3. Whatever I say, or my interpretation of the cards, is not absolute or imminent. It is merely a re-phrasing of an existing situation in one’s life. A saying-out-loud of what’s on your mind would probably be a more accurate description; and the possibilities or hidden agendas that you may not see (or refuse to see, depending on how you look at it). If you change the odds, and change your mind, the outcome will change.

Just another trivia information about Ijah that you can file under multi-talented. Hahah.



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2 responses to “Playing with Cards or People’s Minds?

  1. hahahhaa..

    1. i tot u do it twice on me..
    2. can u tell me what’s on my mind now.. kakakakaka

  2. Ijahamran

    Did I? You must have conned me!!!!!!!!

    Let me see, you are thinking how great the facials and the hair shampooing that I gave you back in 775 you would sell your grandmother to have me give you one of my world famous facials once again.

    Yes, that and my luscious breasts.

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