More Reason To Go Shopping! Yes!!

What’s your 10 closet essentials?

Let’s get this out of the way first. I tag:

  1. Miss I-can-never-have-enough-shoes PC
  2. Miss Areolarocks (and I am sure the obscenity of that blog’s name was purely intentional). Update: read Chi’s essentials here.
  3. Miss I-miss-my-boyfriend-lots Ints Erinna (yeeeeees *long drawl*, I READ that post). Update: read ints essentials here.
  4. Miss “I am too busy to play tag coz I have babies to take care of” BabyD (honest, that’s her nickname)
  5. And honorary stylista Ads Abd Karim (and my pretend bodyguard), since he won the one with the MANbag one.

Ijah’s 10 closet essentials would be:

  1. Classic blue jeans that fits ass-wise and length-wise.
  2. A white top. Button down, baby-t, tanks, peasant, ruffled, sheer, whatever. Take your pick. You need a white one that shows off what you got from your mama.
  3. A black top.
  4. A pair of fabulous red shoes. I didn’t say it has to be comfortable. Or stripper-ish.
  5. An A-line dress. In any colour or degree of poufy-ness. Every girl needs an A-line dress.
  6. An all-purpose pashmina that goes with everything in your closet. When in doubt, buy black.
  7. A pearl necklace and matching earrings set. Trust me, this can instantly de-obscene your outfit no matter how low the neckline is. Very useful. Especially for people like me.
  8. A sharp, well-tailored suit. It could be made of velvet or 100% lycra for all I care. Make sure it fits perfectly.
  9. A black dress. It could be short, long, slim, poufy; in the form of lace kebaya or a replica of that insanely gorgeous boatneck one from Breakfast at Tiffany’s – the point is you NEED A BLACK DRESS. Go get one, now!
  10. A good, full-length mirror for you to admire yourself when you are wearing the above :-) By good I mean slimming. 

According to Mr Isaac Mizrahi,  these are the top 10 essential things that every woman’s closet should have as published in Oct issue of Glamour magazine:

Ijah’s closet audit:

  1. LDB? Check.
  2. Slim skirt? Check.
  3. White jeans? Check. Though I hate them coz they make my behind look humonguous, as if I need any help in that area.
  4. Loafer? Check (look at my mi shoes post and search for the hush puppies loafer; see additional note below).
  5. Matching sweater set? Nope. I thought only grandmas wear them.
  6. White button down? Check. I have the black button down too.
  7. Sunglasses? Double check.
  8. Fitted blazer? Check. Make that fitted leather blazer, thank you (though I am sure I have absolutely  no occassion to wear it to).
  9. Heeled sandals? Check. In red, by Aldo, with silver heels. Some people call them stripper heels and I couldn’t find any valid reasons to disagree.
  10. The perfect bra? This hasn’t been invented.

Additional note:

Is it wrong that I want my penny loafer to look like THIS

yes PC, it's LouLou's.

yes PC, it's LouLou's.

instead of like THIS?

What my grandma wears

What my grandma wears



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11 responses to “More Reason To Go Shopping! Yes!!

  1. pcng

    No it’s not wrong. The Lou Lou is bee-you-tee-full. The red sole is sexylicious. Breathe, PC breathe…….

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I laugh outloud like one crazy woman in the office when I read tag No. 3. & I’m still laughing…..HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

    p/s : Hey, the “missing” part comes only once in a blue moon. Kasi can laaaa… :P

  3. *laughs* yes ints, I was itching to make mention of that in any of my blogposts and this opportunity was just too good to pass up.

  4. pcng

    1. A classic black dress (I recommend at least two actually, one for work and one for partying. I’m Miss Black anyway!)
    2. A pair of perfectly fitted jeans
    3. A beret or a cap for bad hair days
    4. Stilettos! (Need I say more?!) and a pair of ballerina flats
    5. A designer bag (Hey, you can wear something from FOS or The Reject Shop but carrying a designer bag will make you feel like a million bucks)
    6. A feel good baby tee with cool wordings like ‘Girl Power’ or a Superhero piece
    7. A matching set of sexy bra and panties (sexiness comes from within after all)
    8. A shawl (for those who chill easily like me)
    9. Basic cosmetics ‘must haves’ kit – Proper foundation that suits your skin tone, eyeliner, glossy lipstick and mascara

    10. A cuddly sweater and a sports jacket

    I have given 13! I might have missed out more essentials but what I’ve listed above came straight to my head. Oh yeah, not forgetting a spaghetti top, a tube top, black leggings!

    Boss, the Australian recipe Milo tastes better and they sell it here in Spore. *yummy*

    Anyway, I can have all the Milo I want here. AA not cheap like you know who. LOL.

  5. Yen was screaming “EEEUUUUWWWW!!” when she read my post. And now u… Hey, u guys should instead turning “Ahhhh…” tau. Haha. :P

  6. Miss PC, recipe kat Malaysia KURANG MANIS tau (read: healthier!) and it is fortified appropriately to address any nutrition deficiencies issues that the Government is addressing via its 10Yr Nutrition Action Plan II. Belilah barangan buatan Malaysia!

    And yes, don’t think I didn’t notice that you cheated by lumping several things under one number.

    I thought of putting statement tees in my list too (me and my superman thing) and the black leggings tapi unlike you, I didn’t cheat.

  7. Ints, doesn’t this make you want to hit “Delete” and forget that you had written such post in your lifetime?


    I actually thought it was kind cute, until you overkill it at the end with the pic haha.

    Menggeletar tangan I menahan keinginan untuk menulis komen after I read that post tau. Nasib baik bulan puasa. I am more tolerant :-P

  8. ray ray

    I wouldn’t say they are essentials, but I have in my closet a Santa Hat and a Batman mask (not to be worn together).

  9. hmm.. let see..
    1. round neck
    2. t shirt
    3. long sleeve
    4. short sleeve
    5. jeans
    6. sweater
    7. bermuda
    8. track bottom (no track top)
    9. kain pelikat

  10. Ijahamran

    Yok, that’s 9 not 10!

    Let me add one more: Ijah’s towels (any which one will do).

  11. Misssomuchtimetokillmeh? – I am busy playing tag with my babies la actually.. ha ha ha…
    i got these in my closet @ drawer

    1. matching bras & panties – coz when i was in CSA, my collegue and i was talking about what happen when u would be hospitalized and the person changing your clothes would find that u r not wearing matching undergarments? since then i started to make sure i’ll buy it in one set.. or at least mix & match.. he he…
    2. few baju kurung & baju kebaya (that i wear the most 5 times a year)
    3. a few blouse, long and short blouse, baby-ts (with the word JUICY is my fav), tanks, t-shirt
    5. jeans (not mama jeans ok?) and i do have white jeans..
    6. A line pink and blue skirt
    7. pairs of black pants & ladies cargo pant, not those big baggy cargo pants la.. this one is the slim cargo pants. I think it is called cargo pants because of the side pockets..
    8. 5 pairs of socks
    9. A sports jacket
    10. kain batik which i seldom wear but feel the need to keep them in the drawer..
    11. my CR flat sandal or shoe. dunno what category its in. don’t have much for my feet
    12. towels.. yes…

    banyak lagi la in the closet.. dalam drawer semua tuh.. with the pantyliner, pads, and some don’t know need or not things.. patung ultraman pun ada.. ha ha ha….

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