Mi Shoes

I was cleaning/waxing/brushing my shoes this morning. Contrary to popular belief, the tally of my shoes (excluding trainers and thongs) is only a little over 50 pairs, 56 to be exact. If you include the trainers and thongs, it’s probably a little over 60 pairs. A respectable number I think. Most of them are Aldo’s, Elle’s or Renoma ‘s though there are some Vincci (mandatory, don’t you think?), Nose, Primavera, Swank and even a Bata (the velvet black mary janes that I bought for the hentai school uniform a party!). Much to my surprise I only have one pair of Nine West. My most expensive purchase was a Roberto Cavalli – bought in a moment of pure madness and weakness in HK. Can’t regret it now since the money is already gone and spent. Spilt milk, you know?

I have a penchant for red shoes and mary janes; and for some reason I could not find my red sling back from Philosophy (the one pictured here is a copycat from Vincci). I also have a few pairs at the office that I keep as spares in case I need to dress up or down depending on the ocassion.

I am still short of a few staples. For instance:

  1. I have no boots (I have two, one is an ankle length black studded boots and the other is a calf-length tan leather boots but they are so damn old I don’t consider them as shoes anymore!).
  2. I also have no two-tone shoes, I really REALLY love the ones that Aida & PC own but could not find one that I fancy anywhere.
  3. An oxford, which I have been wanting to get but could not find a pair that I like. Again, PC has a great pair.
  4. One of those gladiator sandal things but probably not since I have nothing to wear it with.
  5. A pair of Converse! I know this falls under trainers, but I want a pair of Converse!
  6. A sparkly diamante strappy sandals to wear with my many BLDs.

Since I have no better post, here they are (not all of them though), in no particular order of preference. Some of these are really old and worn and I should throw them out, and keep them out of this post, but unless any of you volunteered to buy me a new one, they stay!

p/s: I can confirm that RM180 a month shopping stipend CANNOT make this Malaysian woman happy.



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5 responses to “Mi Shoes

  1. I just realized that there are several pairs missing like: the satin green flats that I wore to death when we went to HK last Nov, the aldo mary jane flats that Adli tried when we went to Bangkok, the gold flats with ribbons (the one up there is the quilted one), the pink flats that I bought with Bibi when only the 3 of us went to Bkk, my other pair of transparent shoes, a freakingly high Renoma strappy leather heels that I wore to pyramid one silly day and almost fainted I finally asked Awa & bf to come over and bring me a pair of sandals by bribing them with lunch at Carl’s Junior Where did I put the heels?!! Did I accidentally throw them out? :-(

  2. PC Ng

    I brought along 13 pairs of my favourite shoes with me to Spore. If I the laziness does not kick in and I have nothing to do during the weekend, I will take pictures and post yeah. I hereby vow that I shall get my Louboutin (aka Lou Lou to me), you Vait, you Vait. SGD950 will be the damage *pengsan* but it’s oh so looooovvveeeeely…:)

  3. Anonymous

    Oh I don’t think I will upgrade to Jimmy Choos or Stuart Weitzman or Lou Lous. Too rich for my blood for something that only ends up (literally) on my feet :-)

    I am still smarting over the Cavalli tau.

  4. fluffyblackdahlia

    whats your shoe size ijah? if 4/5 then can i borrow once in a while ah :p

    i don’t own any vinccis ler.. you have very nice aldos.. i also don’t own any aldos hahaha

  5. Mi shoe size 6/7 lah chi.

    Apa pasal you don’t have any Aldos?! Sacrilegious!!

    They’re fabulous darling.

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